Father Time

Life braids and sorrow. A poignant and soulful from Lily.

Vivacious whoops of laughter
Swept him off his feet
Full throttle bliss overload
Never augured good!

Don’t laugh so much
His mamma often chided
You’ll have to cry as much
He never heard ever
So on life was he!

The tide it did come
And swept him off his feet
The river was in spate
The boatmen struggled hard
The ferry was not frail
But Father was !

Time is tide and tide time
No puppets break the string
Tug of war with destiny?
The winner we already know
Puny humans with cocky walks
The laugh on in !

©Lily Swarn

Pic from Net.

Lily Swarn

Lily Swarn

Lily has published English poems in various anthologies. She was awarded Reuel international prize for poetry 2016 and Global Icon Of Peace And Virtuoso Award. A postgraduate in English from Punjab University, she was awarded a gold medal for best all-round student and academics. She edited her college magazine and wrote middles for newspapers. Poetry blossomed after her young son's sudden demise. She writes in Hindi and English. Hailing from a defence family, she is settled in Chandigarh.
Lily Swarn