Fate of a Prostitute

An intense and powerful poem, with grotesque imagery, that depicts the life of a prostitute, by Kabir, in Different Truths,

Every night haunts her 

Even when she smiles seductively 

Dew drops fall on her window 

Just like sweat gathers on her breast

Claustrophobic mind still opens every night 

As they collectively spit, “How much?”

Her landlord lives in this world

Somewhere in the urinated building 

Intimacy of body comes every night 

As his zealous body bothers her escaping soul 

Even when it is an intimacy, she hesitates 

For the world believes in a hesitating prey 

Which needs to be tamed is real pleasure 

Deep inside her entangled body 

Lies an enduring heart and a whispering mind 

One gives her the strength to accept 

As she knows that her landlord won’t permit 

To be the sole Goddess of her body

Every night he thinks of taming her 

Even after she has accepted her predator 

She fears of carrying a child in her stomach

For it will breathe the same devilish urine 

Which she smells every night 

She is scared of being sacred again 

As the world never changes its visage

It just changes the mask 

Which says the same thing, repeatedly 

The ones who are being called as sacred 

Are the zealous aura that knocks every night 

For her hand washes her blood every day 

Just like a normal woman does 

Even when merging of two banks is acceptable

When done through social customs 

Her intercourse is different from a normal woman

She listens to it every day as she gathers food 

The messiahs call them a “Randi” 

Giving them her peaceful name

She has known that it is a name 

Which is synonymous with a wife

Their blasphemy decides every wife’s fate 

But she has the power to renew her fate. 

©Kabir Deb 

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