Fastest Chariot / Life Sea

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Here are two poems of Shalini in . In the first poem, Fastest Chariot, we see the universal self of the poet emerge, a kind and being, who does not discriminate between high and low. The second poem, Sea, a simple love poem transcends into the immensity of the sea.

Fastest Chariot

Will you?

Take me to the high hills and the low seas

Take me to the sky-scrappers and huts

Take me to the terrorists and soldiers

Take me wherever you go,

to the newborns and the dying

Oh dear,

a person calls me, can you hear the cry

He is choking, dying of suffocation, maybe

Take me to him soon, I can’t see him die

Entering his lungs, I would him

From the clasps of , I will relieve him

Oh ,

I am the hidden jewel of air, the most precious

Take me to every living being of the world

I would energize every cell, driving away fatigue

You are the fastest chariot, you enter where light hesitates

Could you see me beyond the murk, the polluted world?

Oh ,

I found you from your song, come to me my dear

I will take you to wherever you wish, get into my chariot

I will pick you up from the trees and spread you all over

Come with me, let’s go on our never ending journey.

Life Sea

We walked on the beach sand

the groundnut fried, tested our appetite

moving aside our thoughts

we look into the sea

we wonder is this life

should we sail on it

or get sunk in its depth

which way to choose

our desire or the vast challenge life

tasting the fried groundnut

we walked towards Life Sea.

©Shalini Sameul

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Shalini Samuel

Shalini Samuel

Shalini Samuel hails from Kanyakumari. She graduated in IT (2006) and did her Masters in Computer Science from Noorul Islam College of Engineering (2008), Kanyakumari. She started writing as a blogger and composed poems that was published in International journals and anthologies. She has ventured into fiction and essays too. She authored a poetry collection ‘Singing Soul’. Her passions include photography, gardening and cooking. She is eager to learn and cherish all kinds of writing.
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