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Sudeshna takes up a current topic of discussion in her verse. The recent demonetisations by the government created a panic among the middle-class people, with limited means of money, for Different Truths.

Dear E F Schumacher,

How true was your marker

“Small is beautiful”

Life’s pleasures plentiful

We did not apply the principles

And stashed without scruples

Greed and unchecked veracity

Of diminishing marginal utility

Hoarded our purchasing power

Which turned a tad too sour

As the carpet was jerked under the feet

We could just roast and bleat

White will be the new black

Renounced or given the slack

Time will tell its own story

Of defeated or grand glory

A masterstroke and stunned bewilderment

A strange helplessness and a stranger predicament

A well thought out strategic plan

A slack before time tested ban

Panic running by headless chickens

Before cunning dawns to all those smitten!

©Sudeshna Mukherjee

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Sudeshna Mukherjee was born in Kolkata but grew up in the beautiful Jharkhand (Ranchi) and it was here that she learnt to admire and appreciate Nature. Educated from Loreto Convent and St Xavier’s College, she majored in Economics. She always contributed articles and stories for magazines. Post marriage she moved to Mumbai, a cultural melting pot – here she observed, absorbed and assimilated. Sensitive and emotional, her journey in her Poemotions continues to grow…