Durga Puja for a Bong

The four-day euphoria of Durga Puja is lost in the wink of an eye and we go back to our robotic lives, says the poet, Sunanda, in this verse, in Different Truths.

Durga Puja is like a breath of fresh air;
It is rejuvenating; a feeling that is rare;
Unlike the other 361 days of the year;
With addas and pandal hopping, life is at the top gear.

Where life veers off from our daily routine;
And it takes a pause to preen.
As if we are all under a magic spell;
Where life seems to be very colourful to dwell –

Where all are merry-making and carefree;
Far away from the maddening chores like a reverie –
We all wish the vaudeville to be eternal;
But it is ephemeral.

And within a wink of an eye;
We are switched back to our robotic lives.

©Sunanda Bhadra

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