Do not breathe in Ragged Breaths

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Here’s an evocative, spiritual poem by Mary, in Different Truths, that seeks from the soul for humanity.

Do not breathe in life in ragged breaths
as though your cloak you in darkness.

For they are the light that beckons you from the depths of your humanity…
you to succumb to their mercy.

Ever relentless is the call from the soul to break its earthly . All knowing it in its own breadth of exponential time.

Yet to live in synchronicity with both ones, biological and spiritual being, is the greatest untold fight within humanity…

But without it, the soul perpetually knocks upon a locked door…
Begging ones temporary master for

Wake up and open the door and let light dance upon the darkness…
For not only yourself but all of the humanity depends upon its .

 Dalat Vietnam in 2014

Dalat Vietnam in 2014

©Mary Kaye Huber 

Photos by the poet

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Mary Kaye Huber

Mary Kaye Huber

Mary Kaye Huber works at a hospital, in Indiana, the USA. Sometimes her paintings and writings are the greatest stress relievers. She loves travelling and experiencing different cultures and countries. She is always a gypsy at heart.At 56 years, she feels like being at a precipice of her life and looking forward to where the fall takes her.
Mary Kaye Huber

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