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An evocative and enchanting poem of love and loss that leaves behind a sense of disquiet of nature, by Devika, for Different Truths.

You stood up

Shook the ends

Dusted earth

Twigs n fronds



Felt your breath

Lime blossom bloom

Sun kissed valley

Eager to please



Embrace me

one sweep, a glance

Crimson you dance

Over the valley



Awaiting your return

Dusk to dawn

Sitting by the pond

Ripples alight



Bells they tinkle

Anklets nimble foot

Splintered rays

Dancing courtyard’s facade



What wells up

Is desire

Kohl trickles black

Heart bespoke what

eyes hide.



Croons crested canary

Caged comforts

Wishful flights

Rendezvous awaited of what



I’ll wait for you

all my life

Says Basil to twilight

Cause it’s when

Remain I crushed

Fragrant underneath your step



Molten gaze

He gazes at Venus

Engulfed star-shine fluorescent fireflies falter

Night owl calls – you are not mine


©Devika Raghave

Photo from the internet.

Devika is a freelance writer and a hobbyist- travel photojournalist. She is a die hard foodie, who loves driving to destinations given a choice! She often delves into poetry. Presently she is based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

whenever the urge to become a vagabond strikes hard!