Destiny of a Flower

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A poem in the of the Romantics by Tribhawan, in Different Truths. He celebrates the of nature.

World of spring blesses me

Sadness diminishes with

Blushing brides dancing with grooms.


Flowering into flowers, life draws full circle

Prayers accepted yet happiness eludes me

Plucked now and then, the habit, floors me.


Places sacrosanct, lap my presence

Hair adore me to lure its men

Yet crushed and mutilated in my own den.


Lack of anonymity leading to despondency

Human nature crosses the bar

Hope survives me as spring is never too far.


Time remains dominant

Spring just confusion in mind

Transmigration, a soulful grind.


Clock wheel turns ushering blooming season

Shudder to think of bygone misery

Seeds of present again shaping my .


©Tribhawan Kaul

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Tribhawan Kaul

Tribhawan Kaul

Tribhawan Kaul is an accomplished and published bilingual writer-poet, based in Mumbai, India.His poems have been selected and published in 38 Indian and international anthologies, in print and electronic magazines. Many of his poems have also been translated into French. He writes poems on vast range of subjects, which bring his readers close to nature, love, compassion, and spirituality. He also writes short-stories on contemporary subjects about which he feels very strongly.
Tribhawan Kaul

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