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Durgesh Verma

Durgesh Verma

Durgesh Verma is working with the NGO, 'Sparsh...Touching Lives', at Varanasi, as a president. This year, he has participated in national workshops on 'Role of Higher Education in the Development of Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship in India' in Institute of Management Studies & 'Development Dialogue 2016' in Swatantrata Bhawan Auditorium, B.H.U., Varanasi. His compositions are published in the USA, Canada and Australia.
Durgesh Verma

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Poems are the life and blood of the poets. In this verse that Durgesh dedicates to all his , he reviews the many virtues of poems, in .

Though my are
not so .

Yet, I’m proceeding little steps
to refine my confined thoughts.

Muse of my mind are made for
the sake of mankind.

My fingers are defining their destination
through keyboard snapshots.

Sometimes I travel
in the of the violet shade of tales.

Sometimes my path covers with
the imaginative crystals of frost.

Sometimes the wilderness
dislodge my destination.

Sometimes my immense finds
lost ways in the dirt of past.

Hindrance never stops me
to freely act.

Intentions of feelings are
my tacit pact.

Be a poet
before becoming a man.

To ignite a rhythmic and peaceful tune
like a Saint!

©Durgesh Verma

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