Dear Mia

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Dear Mia is a poem written on the experience ( Time Off) of Farheen at a local zoo with a child with . Little girl, Mia (not her real name), provoked her look beyond the obvious needs of special children and her innocent world. Here’s a verse in .

Here I sum up what I felt

When I met you and how my heart did melt

Sooner our names were called out

For that day, our names were with grout

I was asked to take care of you

Understand, how in your imaginations, you always flew

As I held your hand and we boarded the bus

I felt you’re so adorable, over you, I need to fuss

Plonked yourself on the bus seat

You sang one line of the song; on repeat

I looked around to see other children greet and play

I wished with you only happy emotions stay

I sang along with you to see you respond

Slowly, I understood our communication had no bond

Puzzled and dismayed, simple things were difficult to convey

Wondered, would it be an ordeal to pull through the day

We got down off the bus and you were on the run

To understand, you were running away from the sun

I held your hand and got you close

You smiled; I wished with you I could pose

Mia, I maintained a tough façade, I shammed, “I can’t weep”

Can’t express how all my emotions began to seep

We went to see many animals in the zoo, a few clapped and others cheered

You will not enjoy a bit, I feared

You seemed oversensitive to sound, you covered your ears with your palms

Each time, I looked at you all my emotions I had to darn

You started hitting yourself on your head and you were aggressive

It must be loads of persistence to deal and to live

Your asked you to calm down

Obediently, you ceased each frown

You walked for some time and rested your head on my shoulder

Buffeted by your emotions, I could only smolder

Awesome was your dignified demeanor, but your world and mine were still not together?

Realized again, you were the emotional storm that I had to weather

You uttered, “Go to school” and I said, “After lunch, we will go there”

You enjoyed, but only in your own company and I feel that’s not fair

What can make you happy, my guessing game is on

Do you understand the relationship between the sun and morn?

You wanted to eat fries; I handed out your lunch box

Your teachers were happy; finally, your ask unlocks

Mia, is it a very place where you live?

I have too much but do not know how to give

You picked up a leaf and you enjoyed tearing it apart

You asked for more and you enjoyed as if it were an art

A while after, you wrapped your hands around me

And I felt your emotions and you set me free

I hugged you tightly and got you back to the bus

How I wished, about you I could discuss

You whispered, “Go to school” again

I was held in disdain

For all those without compassion for special people like you

How innocent you are they have no clue

You made me full with abundant

You are extremely special in not one way, but lots

You’re trapped inside, but you are freer than me

You’re oblivious of the worldly expectations – that I could see

With you, I had conversations without words

A smile, hug and nods

You slept away on my lap until we reached Snehadhara

Seemed your mom was waiting for you with a tiara

Lots of parents at the school’s entrance

Lucid moment amidst two worlds’ chaos, I felt insignificant without you at the fence

I had to bid you adieu, your mom held our hand

Touched by you in many ways, quietly, I had to stand

To discuss how my day was with you, my friend

I was lost with the quiet lessons that you gave me for my lifetime to mend

Loss of words, emotional to the core, this experience has quietened my soul

I missed you right then when I gave you my puny self and you gave me your whole.

[Poet’s Note: I tried to express my observations, experiences, and contemplations in about the visit to a school, Snehadhara Foundation, for children with Special Needs].

©Farheen Viquas

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Farheen Viquas is a Senior Technical Editor/Writer working in Bangalore, India. She has worked as a Technical Writer/Editor, Mentor/Coach, Language Consultant, Information Tester, English Trainer, and Transcriber. When not at work, she loves to cook, read, write poetry and prose, listen to music, bake cakes, fish keeping, and embroider. She is also a stained-glass enthusiast.