Confessions of a Un-victim

Aprajita Gupta

Aprajita Gupta

Aprajita Gupta hails from Shimla, India. She is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics from Punjab University, Chandigarh, India. She has a passion for research work and interplay of words. She is a tenderfoot versifier and aspires for excellence.
Aprajita Gupta

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People are increasingly becoming small, self-centred and conceited. Here’s a protest  by Aprajita, a take on social issue, in .

Ghastly screech through my porous walls last night
My neighbour’s daughter was a victim of plight
A testosterone volcano forced his way into her
And cadaverised her cheerfulness of life.
A brief wince shook me
And then an impulsive gratitude spoke aloud
‘Thanks , I do not have to taste that

My windows caught a look of her pale shocked face
Those eyes reflected fear and pain
I drew a curtain of blind before I could break my
And I spoke aloud
‘Lucky I am that I do not have to reflect that despair’

When medical aid took her the next morning
I stood with the flock
And wore a mask of care and concern
While my heart rejoiced
‘Fortunate me, I do not have to travel in that white van’

The shriek reverberated in my
My guilt mocked me loud
My consciousness battled my veil of
And I said a prayer
‘Mercy, it’s not me out there’

Tomorrow I might be the one gasping for breath of help
And blind inertia might not be a succour
But God forbid that sigh
I need not despair
I pre-thank the heaven it is not me out there.

Look the Other Way by Ryser915

Look the Other Way by Ryser915

©Aprajita Gupta

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