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Here’s a poem by Luz María. She dedicates it to the child-brides for their suffering is a shame to humanity.

the full was sunless,
like a premonition

at this hour the rag doll over the bed
cried with me

i looked at my new face
full of deemed for

a veil was silently posed over my curls
and i wanted to run away until

maybe i tried but my feet refused to move, 
don’t even remember now!

dare not to look at the face of the man
that is taking me away

he and his voice abuses
my senses as if a

a horse is restless outside 
the drums are beating fast

what is my price apa*?
what is my price!!!

*Note: apa is father

“Child Bride” by AaronBir


©Luz María López

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Luz Maria Lopez

Luz Maria Lopez

Published poet, narrator, translator, editor of four international anthologies and advocate. Luz María López’s poetry has been translated into many languages and published in world-renowned literary magazines and books. She leads the “World Poetic Front Defending Women’s Rights” (WM) and is Intercontinental Director for World Festival of Poetry (WFP-CED). She is an international traveller participating in many Poetry Festivals and Literary Congresses. Received the Khatak Literary Award 2017. She is the editor of "An Anthology of Poems on Autism Awareness" (). She is from Puerto Rico, The Caribbean Island.
Luz Maria Lopez

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