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Here’s a report on the launch of a collection of poems, titled Arz Hai, early this month. Read more in Different Truths.

Team Arz Hai, a group of young poets and authors organised two events in the city to launch their book and celebrate the beginning of the winter season, the most awaited time of the year.

On 2nd December, the banquet hall of El Chico filled up with excitement and eager listeners as one of Delhi’s favourite storytellers walked into the hall with a bag full of stories and ‘kissas’. 

The evening began with a delightful introduction to the team which translated its dream of publishing a book in the form of a collection of poems, titled Arz Hai. One of the co-authors of the book, Sehar Siddiqui, threw light on the journey of Arz Hai from its genesis to the present date and then spoke about the guest of honour for the evening, Asif Khan Dehelvi.

The evening proceeded with foot tapping number by Alisha Phillips, Ahmed Khan, Savinay Srivastava, and Aditya. As Dehelvi began unwrapping tales from his box, the audiences laughed, cried and got thrilled.

Amidst the blooming charms of the evening, Dehlvi started with reading out few poems from the book after which he led the audience to his own world where every word spoke until history shook hands with the contemporary. Stories related to Allahabad from the columns of the pre-Mughals, Mughals, and the British era, and of the relationship between Awadhi and Delhiites during the Mughal period were narrated. The well orated descriptions of different cuisines and the lifestyles, architectures, and buildings, and the important places of historical evidence kept the audience engaged.

As it is rightly said that good times fly by quickly, so did the enchanting evening come to an end with yet another soulful number by Ahmed Kha, media analyst, Team Arz Hai.

On Sunday morning, the participants of the walk followed Asif into the lush green Mughal garden of towards Khusrau Bagh, where the history behind the structures and designs were discussed. The three tombs inside the premises were paid a respectful visit; while the stories of Mughal Dynasty and their connection with King Maan Singh, the life of Khusrau and his relationship with his family were unfolded. The participants marvelled, smiled and clicked as they walked through the glorious past of the place.

Entitled, ‘The Enchanting Evening’ and Tareekhnaama (A Walk into the Past)”, the two consecutive events organised by the Team Arz Hai came up as unique blend of stories, music and poetry which embellished the ambience of Allahabad as the celebrated storyteller from Delhi, Dehlvi, founder of ‘Delhi Karavan and Jaypore Karavan’ graced it.

Youngsters from different educational institutions and the intelligentsia of the city joined to celebrate the evening.


Co-authored by Elwin Dillu

©Sehar Siddiqui & Elwin Dillu 

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