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The romanticism of torn petals hidden in song books is precious for a girl. Blue Eve captures its essential enigma.

Pressed between pages that are read no more,

still has a torn petal hidden in the dusty songbook,

that found no takers for years.

never carried notes to put them to tune,

But , scented with the fragrance of a wet soil.

For her.

They blended a thunder clap with the of rains.

He often found them peeping through crevices,

As his feet took care not to trample them ever,

or delay.

Else they would close their eyes.

To Brishti they looked like fake notes,

Not even currency ones,

She had always aspired for.

Someday Mallar got lost,

As lightning struck.

His music played on.

The wildflowers still bloomed,

Though none set their eyes on them ever again.

Only the torn petal in Brishti’s book still kissed the dusty page.

©Saheli Mitra

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Saheli Mitra

Saheli Mitra

Saheli Mitra is a journalist, blogger and internationally published poet and author. She is co-partner and founder of Talespin Media. Her poems have been published in several national and international printed and online anthologies. Her debut novel Lost was an Amazon bestseller. Her shorts stories have featured in printed collections like “Half Baked Love” and “Knitted Narratives”. She primarily writes on women issues. She also runs her Nature Group called “To Trees with Love”.
Saheli Mitra

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