Break Those Shackles

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A protest poem where there is liberation in death, where one breaks the shackles of caste and colour, by Sarala, exclusively for Different Truths.

Oh! Let me break those shackles 

Put on me years ago 

Keeping me away from my love 

I broke them with my will 

Now I am free to enjoy 

The paradise and 

Become a soul with no form any!

I float and float 

through the vast sky so blue

Collecting some sparkling stars

Thinking of you alone!

No one dare ask me 

As I can’t hear nor answer!

I am a soul floating in the 

Clouds free of anyone in my life 

With only you in my every pore!

Everything is pure and white 

Not a spec of impure dirt

Beautiful streams I view 

From above cleaning

those pretty pebbles as they flow! 

I see the fiery waves in the sea 

I pray from above let the boatman 

and passengers be ferried safely

as I sing holy hymns!

What a feeling I go through 

I can never express!

Come and join me 

In my float 

Break the shackles of caste and colour

and float with me through the clouds!

©Sarala Balachandran

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Sarala Balachandran was working with an import-export organisation in the administrative department for 38 years. She retired eleven years back. Married, with two sons aged 43 and 36, she took interest in writing recently. She writes free verses.