Blooming Lotus

A sensuous poem that celebrates the beauty of nature and the beauty of the bride on the nuptial night, by Alok, for Different Truths.

Searching for beauty
I stroll around the steep mountains,
Dales, alongside the singing and dancing rivers;
Peep through the dew drenched blades
Of green and velvety grass,
Covering the ground untravelled;
Touch every feeling
Of sweet and mesmerising breeze,
Blowing with the smile of Aphrodite,
Rustling through red plush petals of roses and jasmines white;
Hear the honeyed chirping of little and sportive sparrows,
And symmetrical notes of nightingales
With the tone of Apollo’s lyre;
Bound with the roe’s fickle steps;
Far from the bustle of mundane sphere.

My searching glance
At once falls
Upon a beautiful and serene lake,
Treasuring a number of blooming lotus;
The buds are opening their petals by degrees
As a groom,
On the first night,
Unveil his bride’s beauty
Slowly and gradually,
Budging her stoll from silky haired head.

I behold the flower of purity,
Caressing soft cool breeze,
In a great measure;
As a number of mermaids are dancing
In the lake,
Swaying their elegant limbs.

With moon-like purity,
And passion of a virgin
They stoop in the reverence
Of their creator.

This beauty,
Mingling of red and white,
Is the true offering
To the whole,
Proving the purity of my tears
And passion of my soul.

©Alok Mishra

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