Being With You…

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Farha imagines that she is with her lover (read husband), lost in the dewy beauty of morning. Here’s a dreamy poem from Roses and Rhymes, a collection of , edited by the .

I was walking alone in the morning dew
Still of being with you,

Holding my hand and taking me to the world
This is beautiful, charming, happy and new,

Lovely beaches, mountains, and
You and me getting altogether this view,

There is love, passion, and moments of touch
Lingering only one not two,

No space for deviation, gloom and rue
Away from the world and your crew,

Still dreaming of being with you
Lingering only one soul not two,

But I was walking alone in the morning dew
Still dreaming of being with you…


Text and Pix by author


Farhaa Naz

Farhaa Naz

Farha Naz is the of Roses and Rhymes.She is MBA in HR. She works at IIIT-A, and is the founder of Lab Academia- Research and Development Centre. She has published and presented research papers in many International journals and at conferences. She contributes to various web portals, newspapers, magazines, and in several creative writing websites. She dons many hats of a , translator, freelancer web content and blogger.
Farhaa Naz

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