Bee / Ego

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Here are two poems by Debasis for Different Truths. The first poem, Bee, celebrates the nature, the bee and the honey it collects from far away like a distant song. His second poem, Ego, in a voyage within, where the poet unveils himself. His choice of imagery and metaphors are wonderful.


From farther than far a song takes a long journey,
Many easy-going miles and somehow reaches me,
Moves mindlessly along the roads of golden honey
Buzzes ‘round a hive before it turns into a bee.

All nectar it was, tunes self into a luscious note,
Through the valleys on highest heights to float,
It absorbed all sorrows that we unwillingly share,
Swelled into a hallowed cheer, that none could hear.



Ego, you are ‘Me’forever, as old as when I was born,
Teasing, hiding, ever-growing, cold and cryptic:
You have arrogance, might and power of destruction:
You are feminine as the beauty of new moon night.

Ego, you are charmer as the enticing lady death;
You are enthralling as a dance of the stars;
Ego, you are bright, malleable and yellow
As the gold in a paramour’s polished necklace.

Ego, you are tiny and infinite, silent as the soul,
Sensuous, serpentine, subtle in the daylight of world,
And you flow silently like the subterranean river.

Just as a lady of manners in layers of clothing and in makeup:
You’re never revealed, always masked, ready for new courtship,
And turn into a new incarnation of ego, ever again.

©Debasis Tripathy

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Debasis Tripathy is an IT professional based in Bangalore. A little unlikely for his profession, he is passionate about words, rhythm and rhyming. He believes that poems can be powerful without losing simplicity. Many of his lyrics reveal the same belief and reflect his personality. His work has appeared in several literary magazines.