Baseless Fallacies

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Is life an illusion Are love and friendship delusional? Padmini asks a few hard questions in this verse.

Love is nothing but a silly fabrication
Fostered for generation after generation
To speed up the process of procreation
Emanating pseudo hopes
And unnatural attractions
It has doomed lives, waged wars, shed blood
By belying every definition…

Is love really all pervasive and selflessly giving
That burn like candles and is self-effacing?
Love is nothing but a mirage
Somewhat like a deluge
What we must understand for sure
Love is by nature dicey
Fickle and not a cure…

Love trips from one heart to another
Flickering, burning out
And suddenly absconding
It’s dangerously fragile
And intently maligning…

Who says love brings unadulterated joy?                                   
it’s mostly entangled like a broken toy
Stupid humans surrender to love
Again and again
Hoping every time
Their passions wouldn’t go in vain!

Love takes a heavy toll
On the mind, the body and the soul
Poor delinquent lovers are left gazing
At their own dubious shadow
Till their senses come crashing with a bang
Over the forbidden plateau…

During the start lovers go berserk
For each other’s company
After they are bored
Of their self-imposed monogamy
Both vibrantly engage in finding faults
And bitching shamelessly like aggrieved cocks…

Samson wouldn’t have died premature
Hadn’t it been for his wife Delilah
That deceived him for money she adored
Can we still proclaim that love is generous and kind?
Can we still say love is all giving and blind?

Friendship is another mirage
Dubious and impervious
Coined for mutual benefit
To reap advantage at the oddest hours…

Friendship acts are based on reciprocal expectation
Misfiring can break every convention
Agendas are beautifully wrapped
In cool calculations
It’s overbearing to tackle
Such untoward manifestation…

On failing to prove generosity at every level
We are named mean and designing
And made to feel
As though we have committed a heinous crime
But when tables are turned
And it’s their turn to show kindness & concern
They have excuses ready
For not reciprocating anything in return…

“Friends are forever” is the most blatant lie
It’s like eating the cake without the pie
Every relation has an expiry date
Yet without much ado we sign our fate…

There are exceptions without a doubt
That is scarce and not part of the shabby clout                                    
They have the ability to hold on for life
Defying the society, they embrace the right
Their effigies outshine like true champions
They never change shades
Like those dubious chameleons
Critics try to nip down their worth perversely
In turn their own image is affected adversely.

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Padmini Dutta Sharma authored five books and has been reviewed widely in the international media. She has also been interviewed by several TV channels. A Master’s in English Literature, she started her career as a journalist and worked in the field of corporate communications at senior positions for few years. She runs a consultancy firm. She is a human right activist and hosts shows on social counseling in various television channels.