Banned Girl

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An intense ballad about the perversity of the society for a woman, her sexuality, and salvation, by Kabir, in Different Truths. 

One night, two souls united 

Breaking many customs of their world 

Giving birth to a baby girl

Mother breathed her last oxygen 

Father felt one pain and one happiness 

Step one, two, and three, her stroll started 

Turning into a girl, in a school 

Where one hand touched her often 

Blooming love, but she was banned from that 

Turning the school into two different rows 

Two rows, woke up the difference among them

Next day, one handcuffed her, painted her black 

Eyes never saw that face to say to her father 

A father who was a mother 

Washed her face like a feather washes the wind 

Step four, five, six, girl broke the castle 

Reaching her womanhood, she got a card 

A card over which was written three numbers 

With a curvy painting of her body 

It went on to become her attachment 

Professor used to peek through her salwar 

Trying hard to have a look of the place 

Which gave him the identity of being a man 

Lovers uniting with her only to feel the curve 

Buses used to turn into a claustrophobic room 

On which several beasts fighting for a meat 

Seldom did anyone say that she wasn’t one

Step seven, eight, nine,

Career became her lover, when she felt 

That she had seen the reality 

Little did she know that it’s the tip of the iceberg 

Her beauty gave her the spotlight 

Which subsequently gave her another card 

Shorts, cleavage-filled with lust 

She had seen the tip on which she worked 

Making a movie based on how we see nudity

Scene where Leo is painting Winslet

Forgetting the aura of love around 

Our pants start to break open its chamber 

Inviting the devil of lust to break upon a woman 

Another scene when screened over our own film 

We turn into a beacon of salvation 

Shattering every silicon living around 

Saying that it is destroying our own culture

A lady who pens her sexual assaults  

With a pen straight enough like a javelin

To reveal what she went through forcefully 

We decide that the words are too vulgar 

When a penis enters a vagina without her will 

That is seldom seen as vulgar 

But the words “penis” and “vagina” creates a storm  

A lady painted with clothes meant just for the body 

Whereas the body is not her part 

The soul inside is naked like the nature 

No one worries about the nudity of nature 

But everyone has a serious opinion 

About how a woman should reveal her body

Her whole life is surrounded by numerous bans

Which she talks with like the witches of Macbeth 

Cleavages are not meant to catch a man’s eye 

It is meant for a baby’s lip 

Navel is not meant for to be stared and kissed 

It is meant to tie up the baby with a cord 

A woman is not a piece of meat 

Or a combination of your devil’s queen 

She is an ocean, on which your rivers meet. 

© Kabir Deb 

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Kabir Deb was born in Haflong and completed my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Karimganj. After that completed his Graduation and Masters from Assam University, Assam. Poetry has been his passion and a hobby from his childhood. He wants change the society with the power of poetry. He believes that society can destroy the most destructive force in the society and create a better tomorrow.