Aquarius/Living out of Poem

Time: 1 minute


A of longing and wish by Tatjana.

Dedicated to Dragoljub Djuričić

Kilometers gained nothing – you are here.

Before I go to thirty times I say your name – you are here.

You fall asleep quietly – you are here.

Through deserts of sound, reason – you are here,

Through unreal reality – you are here,

Through the music of drums – you are here.

I know that you know that – here it’s

Always you.

© Tatjana Debeljački


out of Poem

An inward looking poem by Tatjana.

While it’s raining, and when there is ,

And while dreaming the green knight,

When the fear is deep suspicion,

Everybody puts own and little life

Into one poem.

Though, were I to live mine as one in the poem,

But I didn’t.

© Tatjana Debeljački

Illustration by: Dragoljub Djuričić

English translation: Danijela Milosavljević


Tatjana Debeljacki

Tatjana Debeljacki writes poems, short stories, stories, and haiku. She is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia, UKS, since 2004. She is in the Haiku Society of Serbia; is the deputy editor of ‘Diogen’, and editor of the magazine, ‘Poeta’.

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