Another Time in Life

Lily describes the break of a day in this poignant verse.

As the day breaks in another
era in
As the cocks crow the rising of another
As the birds unfurl their feathers and sing a merry song
As the Rose spreads its blood in the pulsating throng
I think of another time in life.

As milkmen tie  pots to their roaring motor bikes
As  sheep and goats tinkle their bells on their hikes
As temple bells peal the morning divine  chime
As aazaans call the faithful to
Bow at  prayer time
I think of another time in life

As women light fires for the first  cup of tea
As men jog on tracks for a fit to see
As kids yawn in beds to knock off their
As puppies jump and frisk to poke  prod and peep
I think of another time in life!

©Lily Swarn

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Lily Swarn

Lily Swarn

Lily has published English poems in various anthologies. She was awarded Reuel international prize for poetry 2016 and Global Icon Of Peace And Virtuoso Award. A postgraduate in English from , she was awarded a gold medal for best all-round student and academics. She edited her college magazine and wrote middles for newspapers. Poetry blossomed after her young son's sudden demise. She writes in Hindi and English. Hailing from a defence family, she is settled in Chandigarh.
Lily Swarn