An Eloquent Female

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It’s not easy to be a woman. She has to pay a price for it, says Bhawini in this .

Away from the spread of conformity,
Away from this blindness of image-driven superficiality,
There lives a girl in this world,
Yet very much beyond it.

They see her brazen stride,
They see that she ignores remarks that snide.
They marvel at her sartorial splendour one day,
And ‘skimpy’ on the very next they say!
They see that she is defiant, bold and lives life to the brim,
But they talk too of how her confidence needs a trim!
They see her fluttering and dancing in the ,
They see that she takes life with an innate ease.
They comment on her being friends with men,
Yet ask her to discos every now and then.

What many miss,
Is somewhat this.
To be herself, she does pay a price
It’s not at all easy, she too cries.
Like the heals when heavens are bare,
She gives all she can, her love and care.

She has a ,
Whom she loves with all her might.
When geography separates them she cries
Yet manages to smile after all those tries.
It does affect her, all that you say,
But it’ s just not her to shout and bray.
She has an indomitable will,
And looks that could kill.
Her spirit won’t sway,
Come what may!
She is a delicate darling, passionate yet tender,
Like the red rays of the new born , to earth doth render.
She is the best of dark and bright,
Look, see and hear if you might.

©Bhawini Tripathi

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Bhawini Tripathi

Bhawini Tripathi

Bhawini Tripathi feels strongly about some issues and writes about those. Psychological issues and nature as a great teacher beacons her. are her chosen genre though she pens prose too. She is currently pursuing my Bachelor of Technology from J.K. Institute of Applied Physics & Technology, University of Allahabad.
Bhawini Tripathi

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