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An inward looking poem by Sarala, where she talks of loneliness and meeting the her creator, in Different Truths.

Alone I walked throughout my life

With no one to be by my lonely side!

I sobbed and wept years together

But wanted to reach my destination

Where flowers bloom!

I got hurt many a time

Often I wiped away my tears

With a heavy heart looking to the sky!

I have lost my rhythm years back

When I lost my near and dear ones!

But I kept on walking

Jumping the hurdles many

God put on my way!

When I got tired I call out to Him

In my pitiable voice for mercy

He looks at me

With compassion

And holds me tight

I wander about in my paddy field

Talking to the golden grains

With my aching heart!

I talk to my pets when I am lonely

and breaking, and they comfort me

With their tricks many!

I heard a voice the other day

Echoing from far

Calling my name!

Astonished I was

To see my creator with his

reassuring smile looking deep into

My lonely eyes!

My loneliness left me forever

And now am a new creation

to the surprise of many !

©Sarala Balachandran

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Sarala Balachandran was working with an import-export organisation in the administrative department for 38 years. She retired eleven years back. Married, with two sons aged 43 and 36, she took interest in writing recently. She writes free verses.