A Shooting Star

An evocative poem from Lily that celebrates the bitter-sweet pathos of life.

Jetting through space a star stopped in its tracks and played statue.
It simply forgot to twinkle merrily
It had selective amnesia!

The star glimmered and shone with a luminous aura
Bewitching the onlookers
Slaves of its charismatic charm
Bowed in adoring reverence to the starry airs and graces

The twinkle in the eyes was missing
Its eyelids drooped and its lashes glistened with dew drops of unshed tears
The star was forlorn
It was lost in the vast firmament
It decided to become
A shooting star!

©Lily Swarn

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Lily Swarn

Lily Swarn

Lily has published English poems in various anthologies. She was awarded Reuel international prize for poetry 2016 and Global Icon Of Peace And Virtuoso Award. A postgraduate in English from Punjab University, she was awarded a gold medal for best all-round student and academics. She edited her college magazine and wrote middles for newspapers. Poetry blossomed after her young son's sudden demise. She writes in Hindi and English. Hailing from a defence family, she is settled in Chandigarh.
Lily Swarn