A Roach, I Approach

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A hilarious nonsense verse on roach by Sukanya.

With a in hand I approach
Towards the scurrying roach.
As it scuttled past
I moved two steps back, fast.
I gulped a handful of air
Do I kill the roach, do I dare?

If I don’t, it will remain alive
It will bloom, it will thrive.
It will hide in my closet and in my pantry
It will find a partner, it will marry.
It will multiply, it will breed
Roach number will increase and exceed.
Big ones, small ones and itty bitty
I will live in fear and I will be going crazies.

So with the Raid and a heart very brave
I attacked that vile knave
raging and aroused
I sprayed the roach and it I doused
It ran here, there and helter-skelter
Little roachie was in the open, had no shelter
It flipped on its back, its legs flailing
Soon enough it was ill and ailing.
With a deep sigh, it went all
The fear of roach from me fled

Bye, bye Roachie!

©Sukanya Juno Biswas

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Sukanya Juno Biswas

Sukanya Juno Biswas

Sukanya Juno Biswas grew up in Kolkata, India. She did MA in English from Calcutta University. She loves books, Bob Dylan, Baez and Boxer . When she gets time away from two human kids and two animals, she writes. A complete realist, off and on romantic, an atheist – in the present climate of uncertainty, would have loved a perfect world, though aware it’s not possible. She has been in Texas for last 17 years.
Sukanya Juno Biswas