A Platter of Disquiet

Mamta Joshi

Mamta Joshi

Mamta Joshi did her post graduation in History from University of Allahabad. She writes short stories, reflective essays, prose pieces on every day life in national dailies and international e-magazines. She writes with equal ease in Hindi. For over two decades, as a teacher of English in college section at SMC, Allahabad, she has been
interacting with young minds, understanding their pulse and in turn being savvy on technology, fitness, fashion, humour and rumour too.
Mamta Joshi

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An evocative poem by Mamta, where she unmasks fears and appearances.

Series of events

Not necessarily pleasant ones

Caustic and disdainful darts

Thrown with practiced ease

Yet we coat our veneer with plastic

Showing off our pedigree

A lingering vacation

A spell of quiet

Free from chores                                                  Black-and-white-mask

Brings in the fear

The pleasurable nothingness

Might end soon

Weather moods

Broodily overcast sky

Wild and stormy

Spreading contagion

A turbulent heart seeks solace

In rum and sad songs

Phobias, hallucinations

One cannot escape

Creeping in

Everyday presence

A self destructive ecstasy

Wallowing in pain


That pester us

To believe in them

So real they seem

The face and the mask

Like conjoined twins.

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