A Mini-Anthology of Poems on V-Day

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On the occasion of the Valentine’s Day, we bring to you a mini-anthology of six poems from India and Mauritius, showing many colours of love. Lily ponders about what love is in the refrain of her three stanzas, in her poem, The Thing called Love. Shail talks of a traveller in a train, among indifferent people. She felt sad and distraught, till she saw a streak of light, love in squalor. Her soul cleanses, as she what true love is, in the poem, Feeling Blessed on Valentine’s Day.

The third poem, Valentine Blues, by Mauritius-based poet, Anoucheka, talks of the sensuousness of love and its loss. Dr. Chandra Prakash’s poem, Roses for Valentine, celebrates love. Love on the Beach by Alok, explores the sensuous and erotic love. We close the mini-anthology with a sensitive poem, Sweet Valentine’s Day, by Vatsala, a Mauritius-based poet. She points out how love has been celebrated by humanity in arts and literature, down the ages and its continuum to this day.

Here are verses on love, by six Different Truths Poets, as part of the Special Feature on Valentine’s Day, exclusively in Different Truths.

~ Arindam Roy, Editor & Anumita Chatterjee Roy, Co-editor.


#1. The Thing called Love


Fresh juice of the passion fruit

Simmering in the incense of divinity

Enamelled with gems of worth

Isn’t this the thing called love?


Arching your back to peep

Across the fences of discord

Standing on lifelong tiptoe

Isn’t this the thing called love?


What Radha felt for Krishna

And Sohni for her Mahiwal

That mystic halo of light

Isn’t this the thing called love?

©Lily Swarn


#2. Feeling Blessed on Valentine’s Day


She sat lonely inside

the crowded box of indifferent people

as the train trudged on

unmindful of her depressing reflections.

Locked amidst raging thoughts

and roaring emotions

she felt disconnected with the world.

But, wasn’t it Valentine’s Day?

Wasn’t she supposed to feel joyous

or, was it just another ordinary day

hyped up to make the lonely sad,

the forlorn distressed,

the friendless hapless?

Amidst the plethora of stormy sentiments

she witnessed a far greater struggle

as she saw a malnourished, unclean girl

begging for a hungry bite from the less unfortunate

feeding the cast away food to a bony structure of a dying soul –

a relative, a mother, sister maybe.

Flies already making home in a body

yet to give up the ghost

while the child still showered love

to an obviously hopeless case.

Who was less loved?

Who less blessed?

Who more distraught?

St. Valentine would know it better.

Suddenly, clouds cleared,

thunder made way to a pleasant breeze

that touched the lonely traveller’s face

making her feel treasured, cherished by the law of love!


Happy Blessed Day to You.

May You Always feel Loved!

©Shail Raghuvanshi


#3. Valentine Blues


In the deep abyss of my heart

Lies, in a molten pit, a life as it could have been

If the winds of luck had blown my way

If the arrows of Cupid had struck according to my bidding

If my birth stars had been favourably inclined

If my muse had not had other plans for me!


In there, lies a landscape

Bordered on all sides by a rainbow cloud

A landscape which is home to me and my sweetheart

A landscape shaped and sculpted to suit the beats of my heart!


In the deep abyss of my heart

I swirl to the beats of romance

Pure and exotic

Innocent and reciprocal


I swirl in the arms of my beloved

I swirl as I wish to, wildly at times

Sensually at others

I swirl, caring not to see if I am graceful or not

I swirl only to the pulses of desires my beloved sends to me

I swirl and smile and laugh

For living as such is great

Living as such is lovely


But such remains enclosed in the deep abyss of my heart

The abyss monster wakes up and roars when the love season shows up

Armed with the sword of my muse

I subtly and easily put it to sleep once more, for,

Life never did promise that it will give to me

All that I sought from it!

©Anoucheka Gangabissoon


#4. Roses for Valentine


Gift a rose to your Valentine

Rid off worries, dance and dine.

Rosy rose for lips divine

Blushing hue on her face shines.

Yellow rose for warmth of love

In its warmth lives lovely dove.

In it lies love’s treasure trove

It brings blessings from above.

In it blooms the lovely spring

All the sweet memories bring.

Purple lush with luxurious life

Get rid off all struggle and strife.

With white roses live in peace

Free from mind’s all caprice.

And within love lotus blooms

With sweet cadence mind zooms.

©Dr. Chandra Prakash Sharma


#5. Love on the Beach


On the silver sandy beach,

At shy beautiful dawn,

I peep,

Wreathing my hands

Upon your smooth shoulders,

Into the deep ocean of your eyes,

Filled with the elixir of love.


My sportive and eager fingers


With high emotion of love,

Into your dark curly hair

That spreads

The heady perfume

To intoxicate my sense.


The blush of your velvety cheeks,

When my trembling lips

Rest on them,

Bestows warmth

Upon the cold musical wind.


Huge waves of the sea

Will bring

The message of our undisturbed love

Up to the horizon

With their eternal motions.

©Alok Mishra


#6. Sweet Valentine’s Day


From Love’s womb we’ve been born,

Its heart is our true abode,

Wisely for centuries

it has sustained human sub-conscience

In poems

In paintings,

In songs

or other forms of Arts,

Love has always been

the pillar,

the backbone,

the undying echo

Today is Love’s Day – Valentine’s Day,

Red roses

Satin hearts

Soft teddy bears

Chocolate boxes

Candlelit dinners

Sweet memories

smile elegantly in the air


It’s a unique day

to make promises of eternal love,

to propose the beloved,

to kiss and cuddle passionately


O Human Race!

On this sweet Valentine’s Day,

Let’s flow with the rhythm of love,

Let’s join in

Let’s celebrate!

©Vatsala Radhakeesoon

@Different Truths Poets


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