A Home of my Own

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An intense poem about the many trials and tribulations of an , by Meenakshi, for Different Truths.


I have been a cuckoo bird in past,

Raising, egging my being in other’s nests,

Always in search of a of my own,

Where this could blossom,

Well, I am an Indian woman,


I have also been a caged bird,

My cage is made of those metals,

Metal of my ancestral honour,

The metal which has to get malleable with men,

Well, I am an Indian woman,


Battling thunder storms, I survived,

Facing the threat to my ,

Or even arrival as if this planet is meant for only one body type,

I stood up, mopped away the dirt and their chauvinism,

Erected walls of courage and ,

But missed a roof, a cosy home,

I wanted an abode,

Where I don’t need to make the ,

Yet I could have a slumber, forever,

An abode of celebration, of my existence, just as is,

I wanted a Home,

An abode as permanent as a broken heart,

A cottage as temporary as the lover’s embrace,

A place, a palace of my own,

Well, I am an Indian woman.

©Meenakshi M. Singh

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Meenakshi M. Singh is an author of three books Soulful Symphony, Aawaz and I am Enough. She is also the founder of creativeHappiness and SheTheShakti Inc. – Woman Empowerment Center, an IT professional, theater actress, mentor, mother of twin daughters and a home maker. She is conferred with the much reputed Karamveer Chakra Award, REX Global Fellowship, Magicka Women’s Achiever’s Award, Pride of Women Award by the Aagaman Group and the SashaktNari Parishad — Pride of Nation Award for her contribution.