A Drive through the Clouds

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Ipsita celebrates the beauty of majestic wrapped in a veil of light drizzle.

Imagine the hills
As twilight descends
And the come down
To settle on the hilltops.

A light drizzle
And the roads bend and swerve through the majestic hills
The ferns and conifers and the mountain air wears that
All at once heady yet headstrong

And you find yourself amidst the clouds.
Jungle terrains
The sound of an odd rustling leaf
Otherwise quiet

Evening descends
And the clouds swirl around you
In a shroud of mystery
Dense ~ ~

Like passing through nothingness
Like nothing else exists but the swirl
And yet it is an intangible
An ethereal
Like .


@Ipsita Ganguli

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A Hotelier by profession who believes in offering memories to her guests~and the charm of being a tiny part of the stories of their lives. A student of the myriad experiences that life holds out and believing that there is never any stop to learning. Above all, A people’s person relishing a connect with a variety of lives. Ipsita writes because She Must. Because there is no other way for her.