Arz Hai: A Symphony of Minds with Imagination and Creativity

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Arz Hai, a debut publication of six young, creative persons of Allahabad, was launched on Friday. A report in .

Six young minds met and gave their dream a real face in the form of a book titled Arz Hai, which was launched on Friday (October 13) by eminent academicians and poets of the city, Prof Sonjoy Dutta Roy, Prof A.A. Fatmi, Prof Lalit Joshi and Yash Malviya.  The event began with a presentation by Ahmed Khan, which showcased the journey of the book. During the launch, the honourable guests spoke highly about the team of writers and the book. Prof. Dutta Roy described the book as “a symphony of six youthful minds with imagination and creativity.” Prof Fatmi congratulated the team and expressed his appreciation for their unique initiative in an Urdu couplet, according to a release.

These six youngsters are from Allahabad, the city is a confluence of not just rivers but history, literature, art and much more.

Alisha Noelle Phillips recaps the journey of Arz Hai. She states, “A workshop, a few dreamy thoughts, and six creative minds, this is how Arz Hai was born! The genesis of the book lies in that one we all spent together, listening to a dream. The workshop was on how to become a published author! Soon a few of us came together and we began our journey towards publishing our first book. Selecting the title was the trickiest job from one-word titles to long ones, we tried and tested all options. A week later we came up with the title, Arz Hai.”

Aastha Singh, the youngest writer, adds, “The book is not just a of poems written on paper and ink, but it is a of dreams, desires, and passion. It is a treasure box of experiences and incident that either made us cry, laugh or just retrospect. With flavours of love, life, patriotism and much more, Arz Hai is a special collection every reader would definitely connect with as they turn pages.”

Talking about the book and its collection Shlok Ranjan Srivastava reveals, “Considering the variety of poems, it is for everyone. A reader can find and feel pieces of their own selves mingled somewhere in the mix. Just breathe in the and make them yours,” the release added.

The welcome address at the book launch programme was delivered by Tahira Kazmi. Sehar Siddiqui, a co-author of the book, threw light on the theme and said, “With different flavours of love, life, patriotism and much more, Arz Hai is a special collection every reader would definitely connect with as they turn pages.”

During the event, other co-authors, Mohammad Yahiya, Aastha Singh, Elwin Dillu and Alisha Phillips recited a few poems from the book, which were applauded by the audience.

Amongst the eminent personalities present during the event were Prof Neelam Yadav, Dr. Dhananjay Chopra, Prof Anita Gopesh, Prof Neelum Saran Gour, Prof Ajay Jaitly, Dr. Shlesh Gautam, Sanjay Khanduja and members of Sanchaari, a socio-cultural organisation, stated the media release.  

Shlok proposed the vote of thanks.  

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Photos by the authors of the book

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