Legal Issues

Second Acquittal of Salman Khan calls for Debate in Criminal Justice System

The second acquittal of the actor Salman Khan in High Court raises many questions. The abysmal rate of criminal convictions is owing to shoddy and corrupt police work. This has been recognised time and gain by the courts. Police have either fabricated evidences or presented a weak case wilfully. This has been observed by the […]

Is India Protecting Religious Sensitivity at the Cost of Freedom of Expression?

Tension between freedom of expression and religious intolerance is manifesting globally-particularly in multicultural Indian society, where censoring books and films by the state and further victimisation of writers, film director, painter by the radical Islamist and Hindu groups is well noted1 . Norway-based Amit takes a hard look at the Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists in this in-depth research […]

Mass Litigation: How Courts Confront its Complexities Worldwide!

Mass litigation encompasses both class actions and aggregate non-class litigation. It began several decades ago in many countries. However, courts continue to struggle to contain these mass disputes within the structure of a legal system designed for the canonical battle of single plaintiff versus single defendant. Nor is this struggle limited to India; across the world, in jurisdictions that […]

Special Issue of Different Truths on Human Rights and Legal Issues

We inched to the 500 plus posts, working diligently, in rain or shine. It has been an amazing story of what people can do. It’s about their aspirations and power. A journey that began a little over seven months back enriched us in many ways. We are what we are because of all our contributors. […]