International Relations

International Relations

India-US Relations and US-Sino Trade War: New Delhi Needs to Tread Cautiously

Reading Time: 4 minutesIndia-US trade has been growing and has crossed $100 billion mark in 2017 and India’s defence purchases too are increasing. But as part of the trade war, US has recently imposed 100 percent tariff on steel and aluminum to hurt particularly China, Canada, Europe and Mexico. India needs to exercise caution. An analysis, for Different […]

Sri Lanka Lets India Operate Mattala Airport: Delhi Scores a Quiet Diplomatic Victory over China

Reading Time: 4 minutesIndia has scored a quiet but important diplomatic victory over China in Sri Lanka. Beijing was dead against India taking over the Mattala airport. In the Sri Lankan parliament, the Opposition led by former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Sri Lanka Freedom Party asked the government whether it was handing over the Mattala to India. A […]

India Has Little to Gain by Dancing With the Dragon

Reading Time: 4 minutesAs the adage goes, enemy’s enemy is a friend, India and China have warmed up to espousing the common cause of hitting the rich world where it hurts their strong domestic interests. As the trade majors in the WTO such as the United States and the European Union have questioned India’s Minimum Support Price (MSP) […]

Mexico is Poised for a Regime Change on July 1

Reading Time: 4 minutesTrump denounced Mexican migrants to the U.S. as rapists and murderers and promised to build “a big beautiful wall” at the U.S.-Mexico border – and get Mexico to pay for it. Mexican politicians of all stripes resolutely refused and denounced him. AMLO is no fan of Trump’s wall, either. Nor are organised labor or U.S. […]

Pakistan Fails in Bid to Keep Off Terrorist Funding List

Reading Time: 4 minutesLike China, Saudi Arabia has adopted contradictory attitudes towards Pakistani militants, supporting those that serve its geopolitical objectives while seeking to neutralise militants that either threaten its interests or are of little value to the kingdom. Saudi Arabia and China paved the way for this week’s decision to put Pakistan on FATF’s grey list by […]

China Outmanoeuvres India in Diplomatic War

Reading Time: 4 minutesPrime Minister Narendra Modi made several visits to China, apparently to keep Beijing in good humour, reduce tension between the two countries and to promote that vague thing called ‘confidence building’. The sincerity of the Prime Minister’s efforts to better Sino-Indian relations cannot be questioned. But what can be questioned is the response it has […]

Trump-Kim Summit Did Not Talk About Human Rights Violations of North Korea That Remains Unparalleled

Reading Time: 3 minutesAs talks between two leaders progressed, human rights activists were watching if Trump would bring up North Korea’s widespread crimes against humanity, but the US President disappointed them. Kim rules with extreme brutality, making his nation among the worst human rights violators in the world. An analysis, for Different Truths.  As the world hailed the […]

Indo-Iran Ties at Crossroads after US Sanctions: Huge Opportunity for Indian Shipping Lines

Reading Time: 4 minutesConcerned over the US sanctions, India is already looking at seeking exemptions from Washington to buy Iranian oil, apart from working out alternative payment mechanism to protect India-Iran trade which is $12-13 billion dollars annually. The terms of trade are heavily loaded in favour of Iran. India imports close $9 billion worth of oil from […]

Trump Restaurant at the End of the Universe: All Sins of Kim Stand Pardoned

Reading Time: 3 minutesHow dare Trump forgive Kim’s original sins, his human rights record: The rabid K9s he set on his uncle. The general he rocket-launched to kingdom come. The brother he poison-smeared to death. The starving incarcerated in North Korea. The Yalu-drowned. Here’s an analysis, for Different Truths. Lessons from around the world. One of them that […]

SCO Entry to Help Boost India-China Trade Ties: Sino-US Tiff Creates Opportunity for Delhi

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe recent Sino-US trade war may turn out to be boon to enhance business relations between India and China. It has enlarged the scope for India to export more products, such as cotton, soybean meal and maize, according to Indian exporters. The huge market for cotton in China can be tapped by India after China […]