Krishna and Karl

Marxism was formulated in the Geeta. Karl merely stole it from Krishna, says humourist Soumya. He tells us that the basic premise of Marxism is that History is a story of a struggle for the ownership of means of production. The ruling class is unwilling to surrender this ownership without a battle. This leads to […]

Balancing the Books

We just crossed over to a new financial year in India, on April 1. This is the time to balance the books, says humourist Soumya, tongue-in-cheek. Read more in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. I had been battling the auditors these last few days, a real challenge for me, given that my understanding […]

Bangalore Literature Festival 2016: A Delicious December Treat!

Well-known humourist-author, Rachna, gives us an insider’s view into the recently concluded two-day Bangalore Literary Festival (BLF) 2016. Her first session was a stand-up inspired by her new release, ‘Band, Bajaa, Boys!’ She had picked anecdotes from life in Allahabad and woven them into an interactive narrative. The audience was simply wonderful – the more they laughed, the more […]

Black Friday: Sinister Designs and Ploys of Shoppers for Big Bargains!

Black Friday, following the Thanksgiving Thursday, is a time of big bargains in the US. People wait for this day. But, the mad rush to literally grab the goods meant that ‘push’ came to a ‘shove’. There were clashes at times to outdo each other. People got up hours before the stores opened, braving the chill. With online […]

Not a dull day!

Sukanya tells us about the fall, a season that she loves. In North America, Bengalis celebrate Durga Puja during the fall. She recounts a real life incident that happened a few years back, during the fall. Read what happened when a lady filled a latex glove with lentil (daal, in Bengali), in the weekly column, exclusively for Different […]

When Hanuman Cussed and Rama Smoked Bidi!

Arindam revisits the Ramdal and Ramlila and recalls the terrible faux pas that left Hanuman angry and cussing. He also recalls an incident that his friend, Vijay, told him in Mumbai. His mother was superstitious about an actor playing the role of Rama in a Ramlila nearby. Find out what happened in this humourous piece, as part of […]

A Comedy of Errors

Sreelata shares the trials and tribulations of a short vacation at Jaipur. With her husband and a five-year- old, the bus journey between Delhi and Jaipur began. Read the tongue in cheek, humorous account of what happened in that Jaipur trip, exclusively in Different Truths. The summer holidays had begun. Delhi was beginning to sizzle and burn […]

A Letter to my Daughter

Humourist Rachna’s take on board exams and the fear psychosis that parents and elders build around it. In a soulful letter to her daughter, she spells out her priorities as a mother. Here’s a mother-daughter dialogue, via this letter, in Different Truths. Dear Baby Girl, You are in Grade 10 now. The year in which entire families […]

The Gypsy Trail: The Travails of an Army Wife

Here’s Lily’s humorous take on the life of an army wife. Witty and full of repartee, she talks of the many joys and pains of Cantonment life. Married to an army officer, she knows where the shoe bites. A Different Truths exclusive. As soon as the train screams into the station, starts another oft repeated ordeal for […]

A Girl has Nine Lives!

Anumita reminisces of a time, when she was barely nine-year- old. She walks down the memory lane and takes us on an interesting air travel from Calcutta to Venezuela with her Ma and little sister. Here’s a hilarious account of the adventures of a little girl. A Different Truths exclusive. “I am not talking to […]