Jan Mitra Award to Sradhanand Sital

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A leading human rights activist Sradhanand Sital will be awarded the coveted Jan Mitra Award, on Monday, March 21, at Kabirchaurah Math, Varanasi, according to a press release of the PVCHR. Here’s a curtain raiser.

In recognition of his incredible work for rights of minority, strengthening of pluralistic society and uncompromising commitment to lead for protecting and asserting the fundamental rights of vulnerable people Sradhanand Sital is being awarded with a Jan-Mitra award, one of the most coveted award for his contribution towards the society, according to a PVCHR press release.

The Jan Mitra award recognises the dedication and service to the society, over the past few decades, of Sital. He has served as a chairman of Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD), a leading NGO based out of Netherlands in the Northern Europe.

GHRD has been relentlessly working for establishing firm Human Rights across the Globe under the guidance of Sital, the release added.

His work for the marginalised community in the South Asian countries, especially in the Indian sub-continent has earned him a lot of recognition. Sital is a proud recipient of Surya Datta National Award, in 2012, it was informed.

The Jan Mitra award will be held on Monday (March 21), at the Kabir Chaura Math, Varanasi. It will be followed by a street play by children group and discussion on child participation and education as tools for resilience and empowerment, organised by PVCHR with support of Tata Trust. Manoj Rai Dhoopchandi, former minister, UP government will be the chief guest. The award ceremony will be chaired by Sant Vivek Das, head priest of the Kabirchaura Math.

The function will be from 11am onwards, the press release stated.

Global Human Rights Defence

GHRD is an international human rights organisation with the objective of promoting human rights for those areas where severe violations have victimised relatively large populations. Until now, millions of people continue to live in the margins of the society. They lack effective attention from the perspective of governments, development aid, human rights organisations and media authorities, in spite of the joint effort of peoples to build a detailed human rights legal framework, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN 1948) and followed by covenants, treaties and implementation mechanisms.

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