Gauri Lankesh Gunned Down, Brit Paedophile Assaults Blind Children, Personal Data as Currency and Golf through Fire

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Shail re-creates four news of the week gone by in verse. A fearless , Gauri Lankesh, was gunned down at point blank range at her Bangalore home, by unknown assailants. A Brit paedophile assaulted three blind children in Delhi.  The Data Dollar Store, a pop-up shop in London, accepts personal data as currency. In the West Coast in the US, golfers played through fire. A Different Truths exclusive.


How Many More Times?



another journalist

bites the dust.

Passionate honesty,

journalistic ideology

gets shot once again

as a political conspiracy,

sadist fanaticism

pull down a woman to her grave

for doing her duty well.

Can a 21-gun salute compensate

a cowardly

when feeble attempts

to find her attackers

drown trust in justice?

How many more Gauri Lankeshes will have to go

before power mongers

are punished by the law?

How many more times

will the pen of truth have to be slashed

with the sword of corrupting injustice

before the light reaches the tunnel?


Guess the Price of Plunder


I guess, the long plundering rule

of the British in India

did not suffice.

I guess, the murderous looting

of the richest country in the world

did not pay enough a price

for a British (yes, once again!) paedophile

to continue insensitively ransacking

the country’s pride –

it’s children,

that too, in a blind school institution

of kids whose world already darkened by nature

now, cruelly made obscure by sexual assault

even as news filters in

of more children

being abused,

their trust misused,

minds traumatised

by 54-year-old Murry Denis –

a venom inducing hiss



Data Dime


Have no money?

to buy a product?

Not a joke, it isn’t even funny.

There is a store,

yes, a proper one with windows and doors

in London downtown

where cash is discouraged,

data exchanged

for commodity purchased.

Never knew, personal data

could be so useful –

pictures, emails, messages

quite a handful!
Next time

you find yourself less of funds

just head for the Data Dollar Store

and buy that T-shirt you wanted ever so more

all for a few photos stashed away

in that of yours.

Curious about the data deals,

used or misused?

Ha! That’s another news!


Teeing Around with Ma Nature


 Let Nature drown or burn-

Never leave a goddam game unfinished!

Let Creation go for a toss-

Never permit a golfer to be cross!

Let him push that ball wherever he wants it to go.

You better listen to me ‘cos I am telling you so!

While wildfire rages behind,

a team of committed golfers

play on the Beacon Rock Golf Course

in Washington

unmindful of the 31,000-acre eagle creek

igniting the blue sky

as many lush trees painfully die.

Even the air mourns with the smoke

but all the golfers can do

is tee around with golf clubs in tow.

What an insensitive show!


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Shail Raghuvanshi is a freelance writer, editor, content writer, book reviewer and poet. A post graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication, she has 20 years of writing experience in newspaper, magazine, radio, television and the internet. Her poems, short stories and articles have been published in leading magazines, journals and e-books apart from featuring in anthologies. A daughter, a wife and a mother, she is the eternal optimist. Faith, friendship and family make her life complete.