Time has come to Rediscover Karl Marx

Reading Time: 6 minutesMarx sought to question every new socio-economic projection. He rejected dogmatism. Such was his contempt of the dogmatists in his own days that shortly before he died in 1883, he wrote a letter to the French workers’ leader Jules Guesede and his own son-in-law, Paul Lafargue, rebuking them for “revolutionary phrase-mongering”. And he added, “If […]

From Ammu to Amma: The Iron Lady of Unique Mettle of Tamilnadu

Reading Time: 7 minutesGeethanjali, who met the cine star, Jayalalithaa, as a child, pays a soulful tribute to the fiery, feisty and the proverbial Iron Lady of Tamilnadu, endearingly called ‘Amma’ by one and all. In her pinafore days, as student of Bishop Cotton Girls’ School, Bangalore, she was affectionately called ‘Ammu’. Her long and arduous journey from […]