Velu had a Dream

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Bina profiles Velu, who paid no heed to the ridicule about his buck teeth from other . His hard work and sincerity helped him climb up the social ladder. Here’s the inspiring story of the simple village lad, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Velu was the cook’s son in my husband’s ancestral home. I saw him for the first time when he was plucking mangoes for my mother-in-law to be pickled later. Thin and tall, he had his whole set of teeth protruding out, that the boys in the neighborhood teased him about his buck teeth. “Hey Velu! Why don’t you try closing your mouth? They would chuckle behind his back. But I noticed that he never lost his smile and spirit. He was running errands for everyone, with a smile.  His hard work and sincerity caught my attention. I was only eighteen. I felt the urge to help him. His mother was suffering from arthritis and she was sincere and hardworking too. She has been their cook for decades.  He was her only son.

When he grew up I thought he should get a chance to explore the cities.  I visited my parents every summer. Once over a cup of hot steaming coffee I spoke to my father about him.  “Acha (Dad) do you think you can get a job for Velu?” My father was always willing to help the needy. He spoke to his friend, who was a bachelor and had a senior post in a public sector.

The next day when I was bidding goodbye to my parents, my father said, “Please ask Velu whether he can cook for my friend.” I was happy for Velu.

Velu was excited when I shared the news with him. It was his first trip outside his village. He had dreams but he had no idea of god’s plan.  His friend, who was living in Delhi, employed him as his cook. He was stepping out of his comfort zone or the very first time. Everything around amazed him and he was curious to explore and learn.

He never looked back after that.  His mother’s culinary skills rubbed off on him too.  He made crisp hot Dosas and delicious ‘Sambar’ that we relished his food. His fish curry and mutton fry were lip-smacking.  In a short time, Velu learned driving too and became his driver. He was such a  driver that he was employed as the driver. His strength was multi-tasking. During the day he drove the car and in the evening cooked delicious food for him.

Some years later, I received a wedding invite from him, the bride was from his village, a simple .  Then he had two children and they lived with his mother in their village.

He worked for my father’s friend till our good friend retired and moved place to Kerala. Velu was loyal.  He agreed to accompany him but he was offered the post of a peon and driver in the same office. He was hard and diligent that soon his salary doubled. He saved his money and educated his children. When we went to our ancestral home every summer, all of us gifted him money. He never squandered but saved for the future. His children studied well and were hardworking like him. Every time, I came to visit my parents, he came to see me.

One day he said, “I have taken a loan from my company and I’m building a double storied house for my family.” I was surprised but very happy for him. Two summers later, when I met him, he said, “I bought a red Wagon R car and I’m hiring it out.” “That’s wonderful news I can hire your car whenever I have guests,” I said. He gave me abroad smile.  Many times I hired his car and was impressed with his service and the way he maintained it. Then I knew his was studying for CA and his son had joined an Engineering college.

Two years after that, when my daughter got married, hearing the good news he came home.  He insisted that he would help us with the cooking and other odd jobs. I was touched. He had not the small help we had done and was always grateful.

When my son got married, he came again to help us for two weeks. He stayed in our house and helped us with everything.  It was a blessing for me to have him assist us and I could trust him blindly and leave my entire house in his charge.

Three years back, I got a wedding invite of his son that brought tears to my eyes.  Tears of joy!   He called me up, “My son is getting married. Did you get the invite?

I said, “Yes! I’m so happy for you.” He was laughing when he said with pride, “The best part is the girl is also a software engineer from his US-based company. It’s a love marriage.”

I was delighted, the best news one could get to hear. The girl was from a well to do family, so the marriage was a grand affair.

His daughter is now a Chartered Accountant, drives her own car and works in a plush office. He is at peace, enjoying his retired life.  His mother passed away some years back.  His children do not want him to work any longer and take good care of him.  He called to thank me for all that he has today, while I felt it was his sincerity and hard work that took him there.

Your mind is . You can create the life you desire if you work hard and be sincere.  Love what you do, be kind to everyone and everything around you. Then you attract everything you want in your life. Your power is in your thoughts and action.

©Bina Pillai

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