A Life Coach Reveals the Secrets of Happiness

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In spite of high-stress levels at work, Rachana Gupta rarely experienced Monday blues. People around her were intrigued. But, over a of time fancy designations, income, , none of it made her happy anymore. A strong urge to share the secrets of inspired her to bid adieu to a corporate . Mahima picks her brain in an , in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Are you startled by terms like ‘happiness coach’ and Happiness Ki Khoj? You heard it . A mother of a 12-year old boy, Rachana Gupta is on a mission to enable and empower women to value their happiness over everything else. So before wasting time, let’s directly reach out to Rachana for more on the book she has authored and her life around it.

Mahima: Why did you choose to write on Happiness ki Khoj?

Rachana: Over a decade, I consciously established my understanding of real happiness in three distinct ways – personal experiences, deep observations of human behaviour and extensive research across the world. As a happiness coach, I want to share this rich learning; insights to enable people to understand where real happiness comes from. We are all in pursuit of happiness, but in reality, we should practise this.

Mahima: Describe your book in 30 words

Rachana: ‘Thoda Hai, Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai’ sums up the nature of happiness. This book is a fun, practical guide that shows you how not to settle for just being happy but learn the art to celebrate life, right here, right now.

Mahima: How long did it take you to write this book?

Rachana: It took me three months to pen down a decade-long learning to make it a book that is easy to understand and imbibe.

Mahima: What was your vocation before you became a happiness coach and then an author?

Rachana: I am 42 years old. I worked for 16 years in leadership positions with marquee corporate of India and led training and development of over 10,000 delivering world-class customer experience.

Mahima: Why self-publish an e-book; why not a leading publisher for the book? Did you face any rejections?

Rachana: It was an informed decision to take the self-publishing route. I have not yet approached any publishers and hence did not have to deal with any rejections or having to wait to hear from them. What was important for me was to share my learnings and experiences with my target audience and self-publishing just made it easier and simpler for me to get the message across, at my pace and in the way, I wanted to. The e-book was a natural outcome and for the first time, there is now a mobile book developed which enables you to start reading without downloading any App.

Mahima: Which one person, other than yourself, would you like to credit to be the inspiration behind this book?

Rachana: The entire credit for enabling me to get this book out goes to my husband, Vishal. He is my Rock of Gibraltar and he guided me at every stage of the writing and self-publishing process. I am proud to share that every aspect of the book – book cover, the website, and the mobile book are all conceptualised, designed and executed by him.

Mahima: Why do you call yourself a happiness coach?

Rachana: This term is not by , it’s by default. Since childhood, I have been asked by family, friends, and colleagues, “How are you so happy and cheerful all the time?” I never thought about this as it was inherent within me. In spite of high-stress levels at work, I rarely experienced Monday blues. People around me were intrigued by this and I guess this made me excel in my work and life. But, over a period of time fancy designations, income, awards, none of it made me happy anymore. A strong urge within to share my secrets of happiness inspired me to bid adieu to a successful corporate career and pursue my dream. My lifelong commitment is enabling people to lead happier, fulfilled lives.

Mahima: How do you deal with sad moments in your life?

Rachana: There have been several setbacks that I have endured as well as plenty of happy moments that I have thoroughly enjoyed and cherish each of these experiences in my life. I have learnt to count my , over and above whatever fell apart.

MahimaHow has been the response from the readers so far?

Rachana: The response from the readers has been extremely encouraging, given the fact that this has been circulated only through word of mouth and not through any advertising channels.  edition comes out in the first week of March 2018.

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