Bangkok: As You Like It!

Reading Time: 5 minutes  Ruchira takes us on a trip to Bangkok, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. “You will find Bangkok a lot like older parts of New Delhi,” the guy at the travel agency had told me while booking my trip to Thailand. Later, I discovered that he was right.  On a warm October […]

Happy Birthday Dalai Lama

Reading Time: 4 minutesBorn on a straw mat in a cowshed to a farmer’s family, little Lhamo Thondup was recognised as the 14th Dalai Lama, in 1939. He was rechristened as Tenzin Gyatso, on being recognised as the Dalai Lama. On July 6, 2017, he turns 82. Eswar profiles His Holiness, in the regular column. Different Truths wishes […]

Murshidabad: A Land of Grandiose Monuments of the Bengal Nawabs – Day Two

Reading Time: 8 minutesMurshidabad, the land of the Nawabs of Bengal, is a must-see for history buffs and those who love grandiose monuments. The architectural beauty, despite ravages of time and utter neglect, speaks of an opulence of a bygone era. Here’s the second and final part of the two-day trip of Anumita, with her family. She tells us about Katgola Bagan, House […]

Guruvayur: Divine Abode of Sri Krishna Created by the Gods

Reading Time: 5 minutesGuruvayurappan came to Guruvayur from Dwarka carried by Guru Brihispati on the wings of the wind God Vayu. Hence the name ‘Guruvayur’. A ‘Purna Swarup’ manifestation of Vishnu but worshipped as an infant Krishna, it was Sri Krishna himself who ordered the Guru before His death – to salvage the idol that came floating on the waves after […]

Manava Dharma Espouses Tolerance, Fraternity and Sharing to help Manage Biodiversity -VII

Reading Time: 4 minutesKrishna tells us how the essence of Hindu culture is full of hidden treasures of sanskara (practices) that are good and green. There are loaded messages of equality, love and respect for all creatures. These help save and protect all life forms in nature. Today, we are facing the crisis of climate change and global warming. Effective biodiversity […]

Conserving Nature and the Flora are Integral to the Hindu Mind: Managing Biodiversity- V

Reading Time: 5 minutesHindus have traditionally respected Nature: trees, rocks, sea, river, air and soil, the earth, planets, sun, moon, the natural habitat as divine. Many plants and trees like Tusli, Bel, Vat, Peepul, etc. are considered Holy. Fragrant flowers hold a special place in the worship of deities. Gods and Goddesses are assigned particular colours and flowers. Krishna tells us […]

Hindu Temples are Haven and Home for Animals: Managing Biodiversity- II

Reading Time: 4 minutesMapping the Hindu consciousness, Krishna elucidates how Hindu temples are haven and natural homes for large numbers of animals. In the first part that appeared last week, she told us how birds and animals have been a part of the Hindu iconography. In this column, she tells us that the reverence for the animal world is not just […]

Enigmatic Rome: Majestic Capitolini and Colosseum

Reading Time: 8 minutesRome with its grandeur and beauty inspires awe. The might of the Roman Empire is palpable as one walks through its streets. Here we present an extract from the travel diary of Piyali. She takes us through the city and we see its splendor through her eyes. Here’s a special feature of Different Truths on the World Heritage […]

Nagda Nestled in Lonesome Solitude

Reading Time: 3 minutesAn avid traveler and researcher, Anindita strayed from the beaten track. She decided to forgo Chittorgarh and instead chose to visit Eklinji and Nagda. Here’s a report on the choices of a connoisseur traveler, as a part of the World Heritage Day special feature of Different Truths. There is always a much desired ‘bucket list’, and then […]

Allahabad Fort: From the Grandeur of Akbar to the Tyranny of Raj

Reading Time: 9 minutesAllahabad Fort was built by Emperor Akbar due to military compulsions. After Akbar, the fort was under several rulers. During the British regime, General Kyd was its commandant. The Britishers had converted it into a modern stronghold by the year 1938. Irreparable damage was caused to its architecture, by several rulers, particularly the English. After, independence, the legacy of […]