Trump Rally Scrapped Following Violent Clashes in Chicago

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Widespread and clashes between protesters and attendees at the University of Illinois in Chicago led to the scrapping of Trump’s rally. The Republican front-runner feels that this would help him in terms of votes. His opponents trained their guns at him for inciting hatred and violence. Here’s a report.

Amidst widespread protests and clashes at the University of Illinois in Chicago, between pro and anti Donald Trump groups, led to a police officer being injured, Friday night. The Trump had to scrap the Chicago rally.

The volatile scenes at the proposed Trump rally between protesters and attendees were broadcast widely by cable networks. Huge crowds of protesters had gathered. Some of them were wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirts, while others raised slogans in favour of the Democrat candidate Barnie Sanders.


Trump told a cable network that his campaign took the right as he did not to see people hurt.
Referring to the racial tensions in Chicago, there were protests in 1968 Democratic convention in the city, Trump said, “Chicago was the home to some very bad rallies.”

Unfazed with the terrible clashes and protests, he said that these would actually help him at the Illinois primary on Tuesday. The Republican front-runner is counting on the sharp political polarisation. He said that the are “positive in terms of votes”.

Trump’s opponents blamed him for inciting violence, the worst in Chicago. He had said in his rallies that he would punch protesters in the face and ‘knock the crap out of them’.

Trump rebutted that he didn’t take responsibility as no one was hurt. He added that he neither incited nor condoned violence.

There were clashes and confrontations last Friday at the Trump rally at Saint Louis, Mo. Protesters interrupted the rally several and over 30 people were arrested. Early this week, at a North Carolina rally, a protestor was punched in the face by an attendee. Michelle Fields, reporter of the news site Breitbrat had alleged that she was assaulted at a press conference of Trump by his campaign manager.

Trump has drawn flak from his rivals for the violent Chicago clashes.

Ted Cruz said that when a campaign disrespects voters, it affirmatively encourages violence. He added, “When you have a campaign that is facing allegations of physical violence against members of the press, you create an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discourse.”

President Obama expressed shock at the hate campaign launched by Trump. He is anti Muslim, anti Black, anti Mexicans.

Trump’s political opponents blame him for inciting hatred and violence that goes against the very grain of democracy.

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