Sand Workers demand Work; Elections does not mean Withdraw Employment

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The district committee of AIKMS has castigated the UP government for snatching the livelihood of more than 50,000 workers and their families. The current loss of work has been precipitated by sudden dismissal of SP government’s SLP requesting stay, on CBI inquiry, in the Supreme Court. Anti- SP government has deliberately did not petitioned the courts to safeguard workers’ livelihood, nor brought this serious issue before the court’s notice. Here’s a , in Different Truths.

The district committee of AIKMS has castigated the UP government for snatching the livelihood of more than 50,000 sand workers and their families. They will organise huge protest meetings in Kanjasa, Jagdishpur, Pratappur, Amiliya, Baswar, Kotra and Lavain to demand that mining work be started and mining permits to be given to boatmen.

In a detailed meeting with leaders of sand workers on January 30, lasting more than two hours, ADM administration, SDM Bara, Tehsildar Bara, mines officers only explained their position of not getting permission from the state government for granting mining permits to the workers, stated a press release.

It was informed that the Hon’ble High Court in its several orders had commanded the SP government to implement its GO dated 31.05.2012. Seeped in corrupt practices the government cared two hoots and continued illegal mining from river ghats and by use of machines, transporting sand by the mechanism of Syndicate. A CBI inquiry was ordered on this by the High Court.

The GO dated 31 May 2012 was necessitated by National Green Tribunal Model Rules to safeguard the river flow after Greater Noida incident where 8km long Jamuna River has shifted east due to sand mafia digging the river ghats. River ghat mining and use of machines destroy the river flora and Aquarian life. It threatens the shift of the course of the river, which can wash away entire villages, the release added.

The current loss of work has been precipitated by sudden dismissal of SP government’s SLP requesting stay, on CBI inquiry, in the Supreme Court. Anti-worker SP government has deliberately did not petitioned the courts to safeguard workers’ livelihood, nor brought this serious issue before the court’s notice.

Further, SO Ghoorpur motivated few anti-socials and petty contractors to lift dry sand from the river ghats, which was objected to by the workers. While workers stopped two tractors indulging in this illegal act, on 20.01.2017, the police refused to register this .

Police have also refused to register a complaint against a local hoodlum who has excavated stones supporting Sujawan Devta and made it insecure, informed the press release.

On the other hand, misrepresented reports have appeared in sections of the media stating sand workers are doing illegal mining and defaming AIKMS leaders in order to undermine the prestige of the workers’ struggle.

Sand workers have pledged to intensify their struggle. Administration is crying hoarse about election code. Elections do not mean that govt. has right to stop work and force workers into debts and starvation. Right to life and livelihood, under Article 21 is a basic right and Elections or otherwise, has to ensure it, it was stressed.


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