Leave Water in Ganga to Clean Itself, Don’t Uproot People

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AIKMS criticised the state and the BJP-led central government for its diabolical plan to uproot the poor people of Kaushambi district, for defecating in the open, under the pretext of cleaning Ganga. It demanded free land and Rs 10 lakh, per family, for proper housing with toilets built. A report.

AIKMS has expressed its deep anguish at DM Kaushambi’s campaign for ‘Swach’ (clean) villages, where the administration is campaigning to stop open defecation by villagers and trying to clean the Ganga. The campaign is providing landlords, criminals and antisocial elements with excuse to target the poor and . Early in the , lumpen youths stand with sticks and mobile cameras threatening to stop women from defecating, under the excuse of sanction from the DM, who is gaining a bad name. Clashes are threatening to break out.

Kaushambi district has more than 80% rural population, 90% do not have sanitary latrines and are forced to defecate in the open. No provision has been made for proper housing and latrines. To stop open defecation, each poor person should be granted 200 yards (1.5 biswa) homestead land, Rs 10 lakh for construction of houses and proper latrines. Not one house in any village has been given such grant and people are being insulted.

BJP-led central government is claiming it will clean the Ganga by this measure. Ganga is dirty because after rains there is no water left in it. Central Water Commission has failed to implement minimum gauge and flow through summer months. Water from Tehri has been diverted to Delhi for supply by private companies, who in India earn more than Rs 6000 crores, per year, from the sale of water. Rivers are cleanliness channels of nature and commercial interests of rulers and foreign exploiters have choked them. To divert people’s attention of BJP government is helping foreign companies to commercially use “Ganga Jal,” it is blaming people for defaecation.

Stopping people from attending to nature’s call is a fascist design of anti-people rule designed to label people as having dirty habits and later on labelling them as criminals. British colonial rulers made such plans and now dalals (agents) of foreign companies are doing this. World Bank “experts” are forcing this campaign. Their plan is to evict people from the river banks, deprive peasants of their life and and use rivers to build river waterfronts and smart cities contract for which is being given to American companies. Both Uma Bharati and UP CM Akhilesh are united in this plan.

AIKMS urges the Kaushambi administration not to act on instructions of World Bank, which has caused much devastation of entire rural areas in Latin America, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. The DM should hold open chaupals (village meetings) with farmer and workers in villages rather than sit with World Bank consultants. Development of India should target to develop people of India not multinational companies (MNCs).

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