Civilians foil Coup Attempt in Turkey: Soldiers Surrendered on Bosphorous Bridge

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The might of the people, united with the popular Turkish government, brought those involved in the coup buckle and go down on their knees. It is the victory of the civilians who responded to the call of the President Erdogan. They foiled the that began in the dead of the night. Arindam reports basis media reports and social site reactions.   

Amidst claims and counter claims, the cloud over the coup attempt in Turkey has cleared.

CNN is now showing live images of soldiers on Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul leaving their tanks with their hands raised. It brought the 10-hour long coup attempt to an end by a section of the military.

This bridge is the lifeline of Turkey that connects Asia and Europe.

The broadcast images are of significance as the foiled coup attempt began on the Bosphorus Bridge.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians created a human wall and foiled the attempts of those who attempted the coup. The human wall foiled the attempt of the pro-coup military faction from advancing any further.

The might of the people, united with the popular Turkish government, brought those involved in the coup buckle and go down on their knees. It is the victory of the civilians. They foiled the coup attempt that began in the dead of the night.

Turkish government officials say the coup is now over – although Turkish President Erdogan did concede that what he called a “small disturbance” continues in Ankara.

Earlier, the Turkish President was flown into Istanbul. A section of the army had claimed that it took over Turkey. The President appeared in Istanbul to denounce the army coup attempt.

The coup supporters had taken over the official TV channel in Turkey. The President used modern technology and spoke to the people via Skype and a private TV channel. People rushed to the roads in response to his call.

Heading a popular elected government, supporters had surrounded in large numbers. Addressing a live TV broadcast, Erdogan described the coup attempt as an act of treason.

Media reports added that 42 people died during the overnight clashes in the capital, Ankara. The toll was maximum among the civilians, the prosecutor’s office said.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim stated in uncertain terms that the situation was largely under control. So far 330 people had been arrested, according to latest updates.

He ordered the military to shoot down aircrafts being used by the coup plotters. Earlier, one of the helicopters being flown by forces involved in the coup attempt was shot down over Ankara.

Explosions and gun fire shots in major cities could be heard at the time of filing this report in the live telecasts on various TV channels.

Erdogan accused Fethullah Gulen, a US-based Muslim cleric for fomenting unrest. Media reports quoted government sources stating that Gulen had US support.

Media reports added that in Washington, US President Barack Obama urged all parties in Turkey to support the “democratically elected government”. Nato called for “full respect” for Turkey’s democratic institutions.

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