BJP-RSS Patriotism is Anti-farmer, Anti-worker & Anti-national

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AIKMS trained its gun of the Hindutva forces, represented by the BJP-RSS combine, for forcing its brand of patriotism on the people. It continues to attack Muslims, other minorities and Dalits and has vitiated various university campuses around the country. The saffron party continues to be anti-poor, other than being anti-farmer and anti-worker.

Apart from raising the problems of peasant masses the III All India Conference of All India Kisan Mazdoor Sangh (AIKMS) being held in Allahabad, from April 2 to 4 , it shall also address the question of ‘RSS conception’ of patriotism being thrust on the national agenda.

BJP government’s program is devoid of any solution to the economic problems of peasantry, particularly the poor and laboring masses. It is contemptuous towards masses asserting their demands on the govt. and resorts to repression on people. Its sloganeering for ‘jai-jaikar (glory) of motherland’ is a crude and mischievous attempt to divert attention from problems of price rise, unemployment, , forceful extraction of bribes and cut in government support to people and agriculture needs.

Asserting its brand of patriotism it is attacking Muslims and other Indian minorities and taking steps to continue subjugation of Dalits, OBCs and women to an inferior status. Recent attacks on JNU, UoH, FTII, IIT Madras and Allahabad Universities are all indicators of RSS-BJP’s upper caste chauvinist outlook, the specialty of its patriotism. Its concept of ‘ancient Bharatiye traditions’ is based on a feudal and patriarchal religious framework. Its veil of ‘Bharat Mata’ cannot hide the bitter truth that India is home to 40 per cent of the world’s malnourished children and more than 54 per cent age bearing women (India’s matas) are severely anemic. People are hungry and jobless, while natural wealth is being handed over to foreign powers to help dalals and black marketeers. More than two lakh farmers have committed suicide in last 10 years while lacs die of starvation.

Development of agriculture, decrease in input prices, rain water conservation in deep excavated ponds, canal irrigation, remunerative prices, decrease in land ceiling, allotment of ceiling surplus, river bed and other farm lands to the poor, allotment of mining to stone quarry and sand mine workers to provide them with means of livelihood, supply of affordable food is the only path to give security to ‘Bharat Mata’s’ children.

Only way to build a modern India is to build modern rural and agricultural infrastructure with roof top Solar panels and free electricity, modern schools, dispensaries, computer centres in every village, with developing farming and related industry. Only this can ensure for all.

Uprooting farmers, handing over land and resources to corporate and imperialist countries for Smart Cities, river water fronts, Thermal Power Plants, SEZs will create real estate value for the rich and is a path of self destruction.

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