Loot and Excesses on Farmers by Allahabad Administration

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AIKMS in its press release stated that Allahabad district administration has been looting and torturing poor farmers despite Allahabad High ’s directives.

All India Kisan Mazdoor Sangh (AIKMS), in its press release said that the illegal attack launched by Allahabad district administration on the farmers of Kachri and other villages since February 25, this year is an open dacoity of farmer’s land, despite Allahabad High Court explicitly declaring the acquisition as illegal. The HC order states that may start fresh proceedings for acquisition. About 135 farmers have not taken any compensation for the land.

Heavy police deployed was on a rampage. They uprooted crops from farmer’s land, checked and prevented entry at several points, took photographs to terrorise , closed down schools, prevented from assembling for marriage functions, from going for treatment and prevented women from attending to their morning chores. Farmers were not allowed to go to the fields to cut grass and collect fodder leaving the hungry cattle, the release stated.

The atmosphere is of a concentration camp. The government and armed police are snatching farmer’s properties to hand them over to a private company. A farmer, who pleaded with the police, appealing to their rural background, to leave his standing crop was severely beaten up.

There is terror in nearby villages too. The villagers have not eaten for days. This implementation of ‘democracy’, ‘constitution’ and the ‘rule of law’ are beyond them, the press release rued.

In writ petition (WP) No 32270, of 2010, and others including WP No 3689, of 2010, the judgement delivered by Justice Ashok Bhushan and Justice Sunita Agarwal on April 13, 2012, stated:

1. “We have perused the original records of the State Government pertaining to land acquisition of                        Tahsil Karchhana. The proposal for acquisition of land of five villages measuring 328.932 hectares                   was submitted August 20, 2007. The Collector has given a certificate dated September 18, 2007, for               invoking Section 17(1), which is part of the proposal.  In the detailed note mention of Prapatra-10                   as quoted above was there and there was also a recommendation that of power plant is necessary. In               the note neither any recommendation was made for dispensation of inquiry under Section 5-A of                     the Act nor any reason was given.

2. “Writ Petition No.3689 of 2010 (Anand Prakash and another vs. State of U.P. and others) and five                    other writ petitions relating to Tahsil Karchhana, district Allahabad are allowed. The notification                    dated November 23, 2007 issued under Section 4 read with Section 17(1) and 17(4) of the Act as well              as the declaration under Section 6 of the Act dated 3rd March, 2008 are quashed subject to                              deposit of compensation, if any, received by the petitioners before respondent No.3.

3. “It shall be open for the State Government to proceed afresh for acquisition of land relating to                           relevant villages of Tahsil Karchhana, district Allahabad, in accordance with law.”

The farmers subsequently responded to the government notice No 8538 Vi.Bhu.A.A.Sa.Sa ald, dated 22.09.12, asking for assessing compensation of loss incurred and notifying the dues to each farmer. The Hon’ble Governor, vide letter P-4993/GS, dated 09.11.2012, sent this letter to Allahabad administration. However, the administration did not follow the HC order and have launched this uprooting and capturing program. It is blatant loot, the release reiterated.

AIKMS appealed to all democratic citizens and /political forces to act urgently and to save the lives and of the people of Kachri, Mendara, Kachra, Dehli, Bhagesar, Dholipur and nearby villages.

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