Understanding Women: Myths and Truths Decoded

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Relationship and its rationale is the cementing force of social order. Be it an individual or community, the intra and inter personal relationship between the two is the life force of social order or anarchy. It’s a complex subjects with many layers. It’s often subject to one’s , nationality, social status and much more. The rationale of relationship has to be judged both at the macro and micro levels. But, there are broad brushstrokes – biases and prejudices – which often cuts through social, national or political boundaries. The misconception about women, in the patriarchal society, often follows an archetype of myths and truths. Nikita decodes these, in the weekly column, Relationship Rationale, beginning this week, exclusively in Different Truths.

Women. You can’t live with them and can’t do without them. They are the ones who can make you forget a day’s weariness in a smile; the ones who can heal your deepest and most irksome scars; the ones you can wage a war against the for you, if required. What makes a woman so irresistible to the man? Is it the softer skin, lighter hairs, sharp curves, dark eyes or the invincible strength, undying passion and unconditional love she possess within herself?

Unlike the popular belief that women are complicated and complex creatures, who constantly do weird, disturbing and confusing things (especially on those days), women are quite the contrary, they are simple.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Let us unravel the popular myths associated with women.

Women are Weaker Sex

Nearly all of us have heard the term “weaker sex” being associated with women. Throughout centuries of world literature, women have been portrayed as feeble minded, delicate and desperate for a man. The term abla naari brings forth an image of woman seeking help from a man. There are countless women suffering from violence and oppression even today.

Women are not the weaker sex. They have been forced to believe they are weak for a thousand decades. It’s just that some of us might have lost our voices. Anything and everything that a woman does in her life depicts strength, be it carrying a baby for nine months in a womb, leaving one’s biological , beautifully handling personal and professional lives and fulfilling her dreams going against the society.


Women are Complicated

Throughout decades, writers and scholars have been trying to unfold the mysteries of a woman’s heart. There are more than a hundred books solely dedicated to ‘Understanding Women’. If you truly love a woman, she wouldn’t be hard to understand. Sometimes we say weird things and do opposite of what we say but there always has to be a valid for such behaviour.We get jealous because we are capable of loving unconditionally. We compete with women around us because we were told since childhood that looking prettier would make all things fall in place.

We were told that marriage should be the highest goal of our lives and we will need to compromise.

Women are a Liability

There are a million people who see a girl child as a liability or mistreat their wives. Girls aren’t raised to be wives anymore. They are raised to be independent career women. There was a time when mothers would prepare for marriage and they would be domesticated but times have changed. Sadly, some of the men continue to treat women as their fathers treated their mothers. Finding the right woman would be an asset not a liability.

Women like to create Drama

If the woman in your life is creating drama out of nothing, stopping you from doing things that you love to do and widening the gaps between your family and friends, she is not a keeper. When a right woman walks into your life, she’ll nurture and strengthen your very existence. The power of the feminine will bring joy into mundane things. You won’t be scared to share your deepest secrets and darkest shades. You’ll never feel lesser of a man by admitting your mistakes to her.

Women Think they run the Universe

Well, they do. There would be no life on Earth without a woman. The gift of creating another life was bestowed upon her. Possibly god knew that men might not always be willing to give unconditional love. Instead of choosing a life partner who is soft, easy and sober, take a rebellious woman home. She would inspire you throughout your life. Instead of a girl who says ‘hanji, hanji’ (‘yes, yes’) for everything, pick the one who would remind you that a woman created you.

Love, respect, adore, pamper and spoil your girls out there because they quietly change your lives forever, because all they ask for is love, because they shall never give up on you, because they understand you.

©Nikita Goel

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Nikita Goel

Nikita Goel

Nikita Goel is a Texas-based writer. She is actively associated with Aagaman Literary and Cultural Society’s English Publications. She has worked as the managing editor for Purple Hues. She has co-authored three books. Her poems have been published in five anthologies. She has been featured online on Readomania, Aagaman -The Arrival, Writers e-zine, Writing Geeks, Literary and Creativity Magazine. Her blog, Enchantress, has been adjudged India’s best blog for three consecutive years.
Nikita Goel