Roar Woman, Roar like a Lioness!

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Nikita talks about self-love and tells women to seek their true selves instead of slaving for others or worrying what-will- they-say. She begins with herself in the stream of consciousness . Very deftly she changes the gear from the ‘I’ to the ‘you’. Here’s a Different Truths exclusive for women to believe in themselves.

My brain doesn’t shut off sometimes.

I am a hundred people in one mind, who are always fighting over something or the other. Yes, I’m always confused and never really sure about what I am doing. Plainly, because I’m not a Man.

I’m not gifted the power of “Concentrating on one thing at a time.”

Actually, I can’t even explain to you, what goes on inside my mind 24×7 .There are one million things that I worry about every damn minute of my life.

“Am I looking fat?”

“Is my skin ageing?”

“Should I accept the ‘offer letter’ or go back and prepare dinner?”

“What would in-laws think of my decision?”

“Is it the right time to have a baby?”

“Blue doesn’t suits me at all…”

“Why the hell did I get married?”

“Am I over reacting to everything?”

“Let me have a cheese burst pizza, oh with garlic bread!”

“Wait, what about my diet plan?”

“And full of doubts, and worries, and things-to- do?”

I know you feel it.

I know you feel the expectations placed on your shoulders and the weight of everything to do and sometimes it’s so isolating and suicidal. Nobody comes over to pat on your back and say, “You’re doing great!” The work you do is not even considered work.

I hear you, when all you to do is run away from everyone. Leave everything behind because some days everyone makes you feel so unloved.

I know how it feels when you are being taken for granted. I know the feeling of not being appreciated. Some days, you might feel unwanted, unloved and unworthy. But remember always who you are. You are the creator of the Universe itself. Your womb is the epicenter of all life on Earth.

You have the choice always to walk out of situations that threaten your very existence. Do not keep telling yourself that you need a man to survive. You need no one but yourself. Trust me. Walk out of bad marriages because divorce would one day be less painful than killing yourself each day.

Nobody defines you, woman. You got to take your own decisions. Do not spend eternity trying to please everyone around you. Nobody has the right to make you feel .

You are doing good. Hear me, woman. You are doing the best you could do for your family. I heard your dreams shatter behind the kitchen sinks. Get up and start again. You aren’t allowed to give up.

Because you’ve so much to be proud of!

So much.

I want you to know that you are the pillar that supports the family. You are the strength of the people you belong to. What you are doing for them, nobody else could have done that any better. Stop feeling guilty for everything that you couldn’t have done.

Roar like a . Because that’s what you are!

When was the last time you did something for the first time? I ask you, “What is the reason you have stopped exploring yourself? How can you be so quick to judge your capabilities? Why don’t you think twice before saying, ‘I can’t do it now’…”

There’s nothing stopping you – family, spouse, , neighbors, relatives or . The only thing that comes between you and your dreams is your will to do it.

You want a day off from work. Go, take it.

You want to skip monotonous office routine for few days, do it.

You want to spend an entire day at a spa, run for it.

You don’t want to cook dinner tonight, say it.

Go for a movie all by yourself.

Take yourself out for a dinner.

Shop for yourself. Don’t worry about your age, complexion or your curves and just grab hold of what you want to wear.

Buy those red stilettos you eyed every weekend.

Be home alone and feast yourself. Gorge on that double cheese burst pizza if you want and let the calories count take a break.

Join Italian cooking classes or salsa or learn a foreign language.

Learn how to swim – you are never old enough to stop learning new things.

Pursue your hobbies. Do what you like to do.

Get clicked more often. Show off to the world who you are.

Age is just a number. You can be as old as you feel it.

Go para gliding / roller coasting.

Wear red lipstick more often.

It’s not you who is ugly, it’s the world that tells you that.

Everything else can wait … but not your wishes. Prioritise yourself in the list called ‘Life’.

You never ever have to do things that make you sad or hurt.

My Intention to write this particular article is to let all women worldwide know that each and every one of us is in our own ways. I want them to know that they need to love themselves the most. I want women to put themselves first. Beauty like love is limitless. You can be dark skinned and ravishing. You can have spots on your face and still stand tall. You can have rough hairs and roar. You, only you decide for yourself what kind of are you.

Nobody should ever dare to tell you that you are plain or ugly.


You have a dad, who calls you his ‘Princess’. You have a mom, who would do anything in the world to see you smile. You got the angels protecting you. You are the most beautiful girl in their eyes. Smile for them. Live for them. I see married women sacrificing themselves for the new family, completely abandoning their parents. How fair is that?

In the first place, you never have to sacrifice yourself. Know where to draw a line. You should be strong to say ‘No’. Don’t spend a beautiful life sweeping the floor.

Stop, just stop thinking ( worrying) about what the society wants you to be and show them who you are.

The world will adjust. You just have to be you.

©Nikita Goel

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Nikita Goel

Nikita Goel

Nikita Goel is a Texas-based writer. She is actively associated with Aagaman Literary and Cultural Society’s English Publications. She has worked as the managing editor for Purple Hues. She has co-authored three books. Her poems have been published in five anthologies. She has been featured online on Readomania, Aagaman -The Arrival, Writers e-zine, Writing Geeks, Literary and Creativity Magazine. Her blog, Enchantress, has been adjudged India’s best blog for three consecutive years.
Nikita Goel