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In an open letter to her would-be daughter-in-law, Dr. Preeti pours her heart out. She takes the initiative to show how the relationship could be a sweet one. A Different Truths exclusive.

My Dear Daughter, 

This is what I want to call you and feel for you. Let us remove the word in-law from our relationship or else we would treat each other as out-laws.

To create a strong, fevicol bond I have to make the first move. I don’t want you to feel like an alien in the house. You are as much a part of this house as my son. An addition to our small family.

You are a priceless gift given to us by your family. We want to cherish you forever. So never hesitate to reveal your feelings. Open communication enhances chances of a better relationship.

We both share a common person, my son, and now, your soulmate. There is no competition, both love him and care for him. Our aim is to give and get love. Not fight or vie for him. Negativity creates disharmony and as educated beings, it is for both of us to create positivity.

Any kind of differences can be settled by being transparent. Let’s not backbite but share an amicable relationship. As our tinsel town has brought about a paradigm shift in the thinking of primitive and modern-day MiL and DiL relationship, we should do the same.

For me, you lead a happy life, give wings to your dreams, and don’t stifle yourself. Whether your career or your family life you take your decisions. I don’t intend to interfere but if you need my advice I will be the beacon of light and guide you.

As they say, “Woman thy name is enemy,” let’s change this to “Woman thy name is magnanimity.” We need to love and learn from each other. I am not too big to apologise and you are not too small to change. Amalgamation of good feelings helps to create a conducive environment.

I am your mom and you should be able to confide in me as you trust your biological mother. I would be flattered if I could command respect instead of demanding respect. My dream is to have a relationship based on trust.

I want to be a part of your marital journey. We can do fun things, watch flicks, have the wanderlust and go for all woman holiday, Zumba, chat on various issues and above all bring the adrenaline rush by being shopaholics.

So just be yourself and come in our life as a zephyr.



©Dr. Preeti Talwar

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