Yummy and Finger-licking Chocolate Brownies add to the Festivities!

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In India, people celebrate Christmas and in different ways. It is an international festival and celebrated globally, almost the same way. But, India is unique in many ways, much like our celebrations. Christians from different parts of India add their classical flovours to the . Enliven your festivities with finger-licking, yummy  brownies, the perfect dessert. Sarika shares the of this delight, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Happy New Year to all. In India, people celebrate Christmas and New Year in different ways. It is an international festival and celebrated globally, almost the same way. But, India is unique in many ways, much like our celebrations. Christians from different parts of India add their classical flavours to the festivity. For instance, in Tamil Nadu people mostly prepare meatball curry, duck roast, spicy Naatu curry for their Christmas dinner. They also prefer / mutton biriyani. And for desserts, rose cookies fruit custard are preferred.

For Bengalis, it is Borodin (Big-day) and the meal is completely different from others, like mator (green-pea) pulao, mutton curry, sweet chutney and most the famous, Khejur gurer  (date-palm kheer). People also prefer sweet flavoured curd. In the northeast parts of India, Christmas meal consists of duck curry, without any , just roasted chilli powder.


Eromba chutney – is a mix of mashed veg flavoured with dry fish. Beef curry and smoked pork curry are also very popular in this part of India. Whereas, in desserts, they prefer mostly jaggery and peanut-based sweets.

December 17 was my last working day of the year and I prepared some chocolate brownies for my colleagues and friends, inspired from Nigella Lawson.


Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Prep. time- 20 mins                                                              Cooking time-25 mins


380gm unsalted butter

380gm dark chocolate                                                      

6 eggs

1 table spoon vanilla extract

500gm caster sugar

1 teaspoon

225gm plain flour

250gm walnuts (chopped)


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.

Arrange the brownie pan with foil paper.

Now, mix melting butter and chocolate together in a pan.

In another bowl beat the eggs with sugar and vanilla.

Now take salt and flour together.

We need to cool down chocolate mixture a bit before beating the eggs and sugar mixture and finally nuts and flour.

Beat properly and shift it into the brownie pan or pan.

Bake for 20 to 25 mins.

Once it is ready, the top should be dried, but the centre will be dark and gooey.

Enjoy chocolate brownies with and friends.

©Sarika Sarkar Das

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